Four superfoods you shouldn’t live without

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What is a superfood anyway? A superfood by definition contains a great deal of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Incorporating them into your diet is a great way to reduce the risk of disease and promote healthy eating habitsSuperfoods present an opportunity to make healthier choices, especially when snacking. Swap out the candy and potato chips for one of the foods below and begin working towards better health. Superfood snacking is a great way to improve your diet.

The 4 Superfoods


This small, grain-like seed from South America offers a subtle nutty flavor. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the grains, quinoa includes nine essential amino acids that the human body can’t create or produce. The subtle nutty flavor makes quinoa a great substitute for rice or a nice addition to grilled vegetables. You’ll also find a surprisingly hefty eight grams of protein in one serving of quinoa! Quinoa is also very filling, so a side of this hearty grain is a great snack choice.


Pistachios are another protein-packed snack that provides a great deal of fiber. The rich flavor helps satisfy your appetite, and these nuts are free of cholesterol. Pistachios contain heart-friendly unsaturated fats and a handful of about 30 nuts will set you back approximately 100 calories. Pistachios in the shell are also a good choice for avid snackers since the shells will slow you down and help curb overeating.


If you’d like to boost your memory, start popping blueberries! Their rich, blue color indicates the high concentration of flavonoids, which protect cells from inflammation. The water in blueberries also helps snackers stay hydrated. In addition, blueberries contain fiber, vitamin C, and cancer-fighting compounds.


Mom always said “Eat your trees,” and she was right. These trees contain tons of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Though it’s green, not orange, broccoli contains a surprising amount of vitamin C, which is excellent for keeping your immunity in check. The folate in broccoli can help you reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Happy snacking with these Superfoods and improve your overall healthy eating! If you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle and restoring gut health, join me in our IN.FORM Program.