Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

Roller coasters can be great fun, but they would be a nightmare if you could never get off. If you had to stay on for hours, day after day, you would wind up stressed, exhausted, and desperate for escape. Unfortunately, every year millions of people get on the blood sugar roller coaster and can’t get off, and this roller coaster ride also leaves them feeling stressed and exhausted. And, even worse, it leads into major chronic and degenerative diseases.

Blood Sugar Levels

The blood sugar roller coaster involves rapid swings in levels. alternating between spikes and crashes. As sugar levels spike, they cause a person to feel an agitated rush and even a temporary sense of euphoria. But high levels of blood sugar are harmful, so insulin is released to rapidly drive the sugar out of the blood and into the cells.

Blood SugarThis pushes blood sugar to fall lower than the ideal level, creating a blood sugar crash. Blood sugar levels in this phase of the roller coaster ride are too low to maintain proper energy levels and brain function. during the crash phase a person may feel tired and irritable, and experience poor concentration and brain fog.

Blood Sugar Crash

The crash phase causes cravings for more sugar, which leads to eating more high carbohydrate foods. Which results in another spike phase during which they may feel nervous, hyper, crazed, and agitated. And so goes their mood and energy, up and down, day after day.

It’s not a very stale sway to live, and the body’ efforts to constantly compensate for these wide swings in blood sugar levels ultimately leads to poor health. If a person stays on this wild ride, they will eventually develop metabolic syndrome and then diabetes, which will cause weight gain and chronic inflammation. The inflammation damage blood vessels, brain cells, joins and other tissues, which contribute to cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, arthritis and other chronic and degenerative disease.

If you are on this danger roller coaster ride, it’s time to get off. If you follow the suggestions in this issue of Sunshine Sharing and escape this destructive ride, you will have more energy, better health, a cleared mind, and more stable emotions. With so much to gain, it’s time to get started. For more tips on reducing your sugar intake.

Maintaining Balance

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