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How When you Get Sick is Linked to Why You Get Sick

Meridian Time clockYour Meridian Clock can affect how you feel. In the last issue we discussed the importance of balance in health. It is important to understand that balance in the body is not a static thing. It is dynamic. The body is constantly working to maintain balance in the ever-changing situations of life.

Because balance is dynamic, perhaps you have noticed that you feel better at certain times of the day than you do at others. For instance, maybe you may wake up feeling groggy and irritable, but start to feel better as the day progresses. Or, maybe you wake up feeling good, but suffer a mid-afternoon energy slump where you find it difficult to think clearly.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes that the various processes of the body are more or less active at different times of the day. Therefore, if a particular energy is either excessive or weak, it will cause the body to be more out of balance at certain times of the day. The same is true for the season of the year. People often feel better at some times of the year than they do at others. Learn more about the TCM Meridian Clock in this month’s Sunshine Sharing. Don’t forget to check out Natures Sunshine unique traditional chinese herbal products. Begin bringing balance back to your body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the SOQI Products

The SOQI Products can help you as you tune into your own TCM Meridian Clock and Annual Cycle. Use your SOQI Products when you feel out of balance based on your time of day or annual cycle. Be amazed and how it helps bring your body back in balance!

Remember each machine promotes balance by utilizing motion, thermal or electrical energy. They were designed to be used together, synergistically for optimal balancing and the promotion of overall wellness.

The Chi Machine is motion energy, the SOQI FIR Dome is thermal energy and the Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE) and E-Power Machine are electrical energy!

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