Thoughts on Setting Goals | Being Realistic and Developing Mindset

thoughts on setting goalsOut with the Old In with the New

Our thoughts are powerful! Our thoughts can impact our goals. In fact, when you really think about it, thoughts are the beginning of our actions. For us to act, a thought must first form about that action. Are there goals you have that you have a hard time reaching? Are there habits you would like to break or start that feel unreachable? It’s a good practice to honestly evaluate your thoughts to see what might be preventing you from reaching these goals.

Here are 5 simple suggestions to help you change your thoughts this new year! It’s a new year and a new you! All of those goals can become very reachable when your thoughts are set to help you reach them!

Tips Helping your Thoughts on Setting Goals

1. Adopt a growth mindset.

Have you ever heard of a growth mindset? It’s more than just a positive way of thinking. In fact, it’s a powerful practice that means believing in the potential for development. Those with a growth mindset understand that change is possible, but learning a new skill is a result of practice and perseverance. While natural talent can play a part in success, it’s more often a result of determination and a willingness to work hard. And, a belief that change is possible!

2. Be realistic

Take an honest evaluation of where you are today, your natural aptitudes and talents as well as the time you have to devote to a new pursuit. Having realistic expectations for yourself can help you avoid feelings of defeat or becoming overwhelmed with a lack of progress.

3. Embrace your failures.

Failure can feel so hard! It can feel like you are personally lacking in the skills or abilities to achieve your goal, but it’s simply a learning opportunity! When we can honestly evaluate an experience to see how we can do better next time, we can grow exponentially. And, the great thing about it is, the more we take part in this practice, the easier it will get!

Success is Important

4. Celebrate the success of others.

When we can admire the great qualities of others and their successes, we can learn to model the same behavior for success, while also developing a sense of giving and generosity of spirit. The world is full of talented people from whom we can learn much if we are willing to try. Plus, it’s always a great thing to lend support and encouragement to others!

5. Stop seeking approval.

While it’s ok to seek the opinions and thoughts of those we care about, it can be a harmful practice to be overly concerned with how people think and feel about us. This can often be an impediment to helping us develop our best self and to doing what is best for us to help reach our own goals. Be your own person!

As you enter the new year, be sure to take some new thoughts with you! They will be a powerful support as you make the efforts to reach those new year goals. Have a wonderful new year!