How to Become a Life-Long Runner

Tips for Running - Image of sportswoman 20s wearing black tracksuit working out, and stretching body in green parkWhile there is a wide variety of sports and exercise regimes that many individuals pursue, it seems that running is one of the most popular, as dozens of people jog throughout the day on any quiet street. That is why these tips for running can help you become a lifelong runner. Running is a great way to increase your fitness levels and strengthen your heart as well as leg muscles. However, there is some difficulty involved with running especially about meeting one’s goals, according to the publication HealthDay.

“Running is very accepting of beginners. It’s a great way to stay active at all ages, and it’s a healthy choice for those who have set a New Year’s resolution to get in shape,” Chris Sebelski, assistant professor of physical therapy at Saint Louis University, said in a press release. The benefits of exercise, whether you decide to become a runner or not, is necessary to promote overall health.

Tips for Runners

Sebelski went over several tips for runners to stick with their routine. Having a solid, firm plan can go a long way to becoming a life-long runner. Below is an outline of the advice Sebelski preaches.

See your primary care doctor. Make sure to get a check-up with your doctor before starting any intense new exercise regime. A doctor visit can prevent any future injuries or health risks.

Develop moderate goals. Creating reasonable steps to achieve this is important. Despite early enthusiasm, a person who has not been exercising for a long time may tire out more easily. It is important to start slowly so that your body is not overexerted.

Eat healthy foods. Once you begin to exercise regularly and burn more calories while running, your body may become hungrier faster. However, it is still important to choose healthy foods like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In addition, make sure to drink plenty of water.

Add subsequent fitness routines. Cross-training and other forms of exercise are important to include. Running is a whole-body routine in which the back, legs, arms, and entire trunk are moving. As such, it is important to partake in some weightlifting in order to strengthen muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

If you follow these tips, and other tips from Runners World, you’ll be sure to become a life-long runner and improve your overall health!