Staying Fit Outdoors this Summer

Summer Activities - Athletes training for a triathlonSummer: it’s finally here! Whether you are young or aging gracefully it is important to stay fit. Especially in the summer. It may seem like an obvious fact but the summer is ideal to get in shape. If you weren’t able to get in shape over the cold months, you can do it this season with some warm weather activities that will still have you feeling like you were on vacation. Exercise soothes the body and mind.

Summer Activities

Water Sports

The ocean and the pool offer a wide array of activities to choose from. In between relaxing in the cool water, go for a few laps in the pool for full body workout. If laps aren’t your thing, you can go for another kind of swim. If you have access, go scuba diving or snorkeling. Other activities like surfing, waterskiing and kayaking can be fun while you work on your strength as well.

Beach Sports

From playing run the bases to beach volleyball, the beach is a wide open area with countless possibilities for fun and exercise. Not everyone is up for playing games. That’s ok. Running on the beach is always a popular choice as well. For an additional challenge, go for a run in the shallow ocean. If that doesn’t work, a nice walk will still get the cardio going a bit.

Get Outside

If you are lucky to be near one, go for a bike ride to a nearby hiking destination and see some scenery. You’ll get a double workout as well as an additional workout on the way home. The same can be said for rock climbing. Or you can go with a team sport. Baseball is always a popular choice for kids and adults, as well as basketball and other year round sports. If you are looking for less competition, escape to your garden and get some work lifting and digging as you cultivate the garden you have always wanted.

No matter what do this summer, enjoy yourself and stay fit. Remember, staying activie also helps with your feel good emotions. For more ideas on summer activities, check out this list for kids and the top 10 things to keep you active depending on how adventurous you are!