Top 5 List for Winter Activities

69070359 - happy smiling mother and child sit on snow tube winter activitiesIf you live in a winter climate, this is the time of year when the cold settles in and spring and summer start to feel a long way off. One of the best ways to combat the winter blues is to look for seasonal activities that are enjoyable, accessible and affordable.

Remaining active is an excellent way to help maintain a positive mental mood as well as to avoid packing on those extra winter pounds from all of the comfort food and time indoors. Boosting your activity level can also promote a better night of sleep and reduce anxiety, not to mention the variety of health benefits including lower risk of type 2 diabetes and many kinds of cancer, strengthening bones and muscles and lowering blood pressure. And, research is even emerging to indicate physical activity can boost your immune system as well!

Favorite Winter Activities

We have collected a list of some of our very favorite winter activities. What keeps you busy in the winter?

It’s important to dress appropriately in layers, check the weather. wear sturdy shoes and stay hydrated. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Enjoy nature. Winter has a beauty all its own and taking regular walks is a wonderful way to enjoy and appreciate what nature has to offer this time of year. Notice the birds, dormant plant life and patterns in the sky. Bring a sketchbook and record details of what you are seeing.

2. Do outdoor chores. Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean there isn’t work that needs to be done outside. On a warmer day, you can work in the yard, do home repairs or take the dog for a walk. Take a look around to see what areas of your home could use improvement before the busier months of spring and summer arrive.

3. Get sporty. Winter offers a variety of sports such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and tubing. Check your local area for rentals and availability.

4. Look for the unique. Does your area have something unique to offer during the winter such as ice castles or sculptures, snowshoeing expeditions, lantern lighting, nature hikes, etc.? Take a look and find something new that you have never done before!

5. Take to the ice. Ice skating, ice fishing and other ice-related activities can also be a fun experience! Certainly, check that the ice is safe to support your weight and do not go alone.

As you can see, winter doesn’t need to be a time that we simply endure, waiting for it to pass. It can be a time of wonder, exploration and activity. Enjoy!