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The term, Chakra, refers to the whirling centers of spiritual power or energy in the human body. There are 7 main chakras or centers of spiritual energy in the body. These 7 chakras, which run along the spine, correspond to various nerve centers and glands throughout the body. Many people believe if one or more of these energy centers within the body are blocked, disease or illness can result. Individuals who are said to be in touch with their body, mind and spirit, meditate and focus on keeping these chakras open and the spiritual energy flowing freely throughout them.

Each of the 7 main Chakras are also associated with colors. The color of the chakra is just as significant as its position. Colors are so significant that they are covered in a therapy all their own, known as Color Therapy. Color therapy is effective because each color has its own spectrum or vibration and are known to affect our mood and emotions as well impact our overall sense of well-being. It is no surprise that the Chakra colors correlate to the colors of the rainbow, and encompass the full electro magnetic spectrum of light. Colors as well as Chakras have a deep effect on our emotions and our health, whether we realize it or not.

Essential oils have also been used in conjunction with Chakras and Color Therapy. Essential oils used in this manner are used for their subtle effects. In other words, the properties of the oil is relevant, however the INTENT in why you are using the oil is of greater importance. When incorporating essential oils with Chakras, it is important to look at the color, the chakra as well as the intent.

The Seven Chakras

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The Chakras begin with the Root or Base Chakra and is represented by the color Red. The color red is associatedwith one's zest for life and the Root Chakra represents one’s foundation or one’s concern with their physical needs for survival. It also pertains to your ability to stay grounded as you move throughout life. It is located at the base of the spine in the area of the tail bone. Essential oils that are grounding or strengthening work well with this Chakra. Some of the essential oils associated with this chakra are myrrh, vetiver, and patchouli.

The Sacral Chakra is represented by the color Orange. The color orange is associated with feelings from grief to pleasure and the Sacral Chakra is how you live life or what makes life worth living. It is your sense of abundance, pleasure, sexuality or well-being. It is located in the lower abdomen, approximately 2 inches below the navel. Essential oils that work well with this chakra and color are jasmine or rose.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is represented by the color Yellow. The color yellow is associated with the use of the mind and the search for knowledge. The Solar Plexus Chakra is how we value ourselves as well as how we think others value us. . It is how confident you are and how comfortable you are being you. It is located in the upper abdomen in your stomach area. Some essential oils that work well with this chakra are juniper berry and vetiver.

The Heart Chakra is represented by the color Green. The color green is associated with peace and healing. The Heart Chakra is our ability to love and show compassion. It also represents inner peace. It is located in the center of your chest above your heart. Some essential oils that work well with this chakra are rose, ylang ylang, and bergamot.

The Throat Chakra is represented by the color Blue. The color blue is associated with communication and expression. The Throat Chakra is your ability to communicate and express yourself. It is also the ability to clearly express how you feel. It is located in your throat. Some essential oils that work well with this chakra are german and roman chamomile.

The Third Eye Chakra is represented by the color Indigo. The color indigo is calming, represents the eye of the soul and the contact with a higher self. The Third Eye Chakra is your psychic tool, your intuition. It is your ability to focus and see the big picture. It is located on your forehead right between your eyes. Some essential oils that work well with this chakra are everlasting, basil, rosemary.

The Crown Chakra is represented by the color Violet. The color violet is a very spiritual color and is associated with creativity. The Crown Chakra represents our ability to be connected spiritually. It is inner and outer happiness, as well as a connection to a higher consciousness. This chakra is great for meditation. Some essential oils that work well with this chakra are lavender, frankincense, and myrrh.

You can see how influential colors and chakras can be. They tie into our emotions as well as our overall physical health which is one of the reasons I feel the Chi Machine is so beneficial because it balances these energy centers. Remember, next time you see something and think, I really don’t like that color, maybe that is a hint to focus on that chakra and its energy vortex needing to be open and swirling. You may also want to wear a blue shirt next time you are scheduled to do a presentation to make sure you keep your communication open and easily express yourself.

Written by Mara Gerke, CA, CNHP, All Rights Reserved.

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