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Colon Cleanse Detox

During last months newsletter I talked about "Environmental Toxins" and how many toxins we are exposed to through our food, cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products. Making sure our bodies are eliminating our wastes properly and that our colon is eliminating efficiently are also extremely important. The question I am asked most at the wellness center is "Do you think it is necessary to do a colon cleanse detox?" You bet I do!

In 1994 before my Left Lumbar Sympathectomy the doctor had me do a full bowel prep. I think about that prep and after completing the full bowel prep, I can assure you that we have a lot more stool inside of us than we think we do. I was totally amazed at how full my bowel was and how much stool I eliminated before that surgery. Personally, I try to do a colon cleanse detox twice a year sometime during the Spring and Fall. Other people I know have chosen to do colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy as a way of cleansing their colon.

One thing I know for certain is that we do not live in a perfect world, where everyone is eating nutritious whole foods, breathing in clean air, and drinking pure water. We live in a world where we are exposed to hundreds of toxins and I think our bodies welcome the help from colon cleansing. We need to be aware that toxic chemicals can negatively affect our health, how we feel, and how much energy we have. After considering how many toxins we are exposed to and the fullness I had that I was unaware of before my bowel prep convinced me that our bodies need help with cleansing. So you may want to consider adding a colon cleanse detox to your routine.

Many health care providers do not feel that it is necessary to do a colon cleanse. Some feel that the job of our digestive system and bowel is to eliminate waste material, toxins and bacteria. Some feel that cleansing is just duplicating what our body already does. However, the idea of toxins being reabsorbed by the body on the surface may not make sense, yet rectal suppositories are used to rapidly administer drugs. Other health care professionals feel that it isn't a toxin reabsorption issue, it is a nerve reflex issue, especially when you look at the wide range of symptoms caused by constipation and how these symptoms have been relieved by enemas.

Each of us needs to determine how we feel about the necessity of doing a colon cleanse detox. If you choose to do a colon cleanse or colon hydrotherapy / irrigation, make sure you are prepared. It is important before you cleanse and while you are cleansing to make sure you limit the amount of toxins you are exposed to . You also need to make sure you eat healthy nutrient dense foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) and drink lots of healthy water. If you don't do this, your colon cleanse benefits may not be as good as expected.

Some Colon Cleanse Benefits

  • May improve your digestive system making it more efficient, especially if you have experienced constipation, indigestion, bloating or hard stools.
  • May help remove toxins from your blood, organs, and digestive system.
  • May diminish food cravings or "false hunger".
  • May promote healthier looking skin, hair and fingernails.
  • Better breath and body odor.
  • May promote a healthier system that is able to absorb the nutrients from our food more efficiently.

Colon Cleanse Detox Colon Cleanse Benefits

Nature's Sunshine Colon Cleanse Detox Products

Nature's Sunshine Products has several colon cleansing products available. Many of their cleansing kits contain fiber and a stimulant. Water-soluble fiber is necessary for a healthy digestive system because fiber is what absorbs the toxins and helps hold water in our stool a making it move quickly and easily through our digestive tract. A light stimulant is also somewhat necessary to make sure your colon stays rolling. You don't want to loosen things up and not be able to get them moving out. Many of the kits are for a full 14 day cleanse however you can break then down into two 7 days cleanses as well. Clean Start Apple Cinnamon and Wild Berry are out most popular 14 day clenases and Dieter's Cleanse is also a 14 day cleanse which many people use to help with sugar cravings and weight managment. If you do not wish to do a cleansing kit, you may want to consider adding fiber to your daily routine or try the Clean Start Mild Cleanse which is one of my favorites becuase it is so gentle.

Please visit Nature's Sunshine Products and view our Colon Cleanse Detox Products.

Remember, you need to make sure you eat healthy nutrient dense foods and drink lots of healthy water during your cleanse.

Written by Mara Gerke, CA, CNHP. All Rights Reserved.

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