Sun Ancon Chi Machine Model SDM 888

Sun Ancon Chi Machine
The Original - Model SDM888

The Passive Aerobic Exercise of the Chi Machine helps Improve Energy
and Promotes Healthy Circulation in 5 Minutes!

Chi Machine Sun Ancon Model SDM 888

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Chi Machine FIR Pad

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Benefits of the Chi Machine include temporarily relief of minor muscle aches, pains and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. It temporarily increases circulation. It also locally relaxes muscles promoting a greater sense of well-being! According to an Australian study, it promotes lymphatic drainage and movement.

Learn more about the Chi Machine's benefits, features, and in this 20 minute video.
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The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is the Original and has been very beneficial to many. The current Model is SDM888 (replacing Model SM330) and is also known as the Aerobic Exerciser, the Passive Aerobic Exerciser, Chi Exerciser, or the Chi Exercise Machine. You can view the specification section at the bottom of the page to see how Model SDM 888 differs from previous models.

Dr. Shizuo Inoue was the Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association. With over 38 years of experience, he developed and designed the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Dr. Inoue's design of the Chi Machine was based on human physiology allowing the body to work effortlessly with its own natural frequencies. The machine's figure 8 goldfish movement provides maximum movement of the body without undue pressure on the spine. The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine has one oscillation speed of approximately 140-144 cycles per minute. This oscillation speed is the speed Dr. Inoue found to be most beneficial for the circulatory system and for promoting overall well-being. Dr Inoue expressed in his book, Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health, that a lack of the body's ability to properly utilize oxygen could result in pain, numbness, stiffness, itchiness and other signs of inflammation. He also believed that if this state continued within the body for long periods of time it could lead to more serious health conditions.

Dr. Jan Kirschner wrote: "One of the wonderful benefits of The Chi Machine is that it allows the body to work effortlessly with its own natural frequencies. The 144 cycles per minute (oscillations), is both a multiple of the average pulse rate (72) and the cerebro spinal pump rhythm (12). Each person's body is influenced by the sum total of all the physical, emotional, mental and chemical forces that it is exposed to, and its ability to respond effectively to those forces."

Dr Inoue's design focused on five main engineering features:

  • Provides full body movement (View the study on the Benefits of Low Level Physical Activity or Exercise.
  • Easy to use
  • No Injury. Since you are lying down, there is no tension applied to any part of your body. Your body is being fully supported in that position. Your heart rate and blood pressure also do not increase.
  • Provides a maximum workout in minimum time.
  • Portable and easy to travel with.

Dr. Inoue's design of the original machine has been patented in several countries including the United States (patent # 510 7822), Great Britain, Japan, Germany, and Australia. It is also registered as a medical appliance by Japan's Medical Affairs. In Canada it is registered as a Class II Medical Device. Health Canada feels the benefits from the chi machine also include helping to reduce leg fluids and whole body extracellular fluid and provides a full body massage. In the United States it is listed and regulated as a Therapeutic Massager with the FDA.

How the Chi Machine Passive Aerobic Exerciser Works

The machines simple nature and passive aerobic movement may temporarily promote detoxification and healing. It oscillates from right to left, or left to right, approximately 144 times per minute. In just 15 minutes it gives your body the equivalent benefit of 1½ hours of walking. It may firm your hips, thighs, and abdomen and often will support a healthy weight. The figure-8 motion of the machine is similar to the movement of a goldfish. This movement has a marked beneficial effect upon the human body. It temporarily relaxes the muscles throughout the body including the back, neck and shoulders. It may also improve the flow of chi or energy, as well as relieving muscular aches and pains throughout the body. It performs a pure aerobic activity and operates at the best oscillation speed to promote deep breathing and temporarily improve circulation. It can rejuvenate every aspect of your body while you just lie on the floor with your ankles resting on the machine. It is important to breathe deeply and think happy calming thoughts while using the original machine. If you have less muscular aches, it will help to promote relaxation and a more restful sleep. It does the work and you get the benefits of its movement and therapeutic massage. Massage is great for promoting the circulation of blood and movement of the lymphatic system.

Figure 8 Goldfish Movement

You may be wondering how deep breathing during a full body massage can create an increase in cellular oxygen. The motion created by the passive aerobic exerciser, which is similar to the motion of Trager Massage, creates a lateral flexion on the spine which stimulates and relaxes the sympathetic (a part of the autonomic) nervous system and creates an alpha wave state similar to meditation allowing you to relax. This relaxation causes the bronchi and alveoli (tiny tubes which branch out from your lungs) to relax and expand. These tiny bronchi and alveoli connect through a semi-permeable membrane with the tiniest blood vessels of your circulatory system. With the expansion of the bronchi and alveoli due to breathing deep more oxygen is able to pass from your lungs into your circulatory system. Once in your circulatory system, the blood carries the oxygen to all the cells in your body.

Medical researchers understand that the vertebrae are the channels for our nervous system. In four legged animals, the spinal column wobbles slightly from side to side as they walk. Important internal oxygenation is occurring during an animal's walking. With us however, there is little vertebral movement during walking because we only go forward and backward on two legs. Humans do not realize that this can be associated with pain. The situation we create by walking results in low lateral vertebral movement plus a downward pressure. Dr. Inoue scientifically designed the original machine to allow the legs to sway while the body is in a relaxed, reclined position. The effect of the stimulation to our sympathetic nerves varies in relation to the swing amplitude, frequency and duration of treatment. Individuals need to be careful in using fake or imitation chi machines to avoid possible negative effects. I chose the original for this reason. It is the only one listed and regulated by the FDA as a therapeutic massager. Its passive aerobic movement has been found to be completely safe and smooth in its swing operation to avoid unnecessary side effects. We are all aware of the importance of having good circulatory and spinal health. It is said that 80% of chronic health conditions are related to the spine or our circulatory system.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine as seen on The Doctors TV Show.

The video footage was taken from
"The Doctors" television show and is courtesy of KCAL-TV9

Chi Machine Benefits

I have always said that the Chi Machine provides benefits similar to a therapeutic hands on massage. The Chi Machine's three main benefits are it temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, pains and tension due to fatigue or over exertion, it may locally increase blood circulation, and locally relaxes muscles all in less than 15 minutes! According to Health Canada and the clinical study done in Australia, it has also shown results in reducing extra cellular whole body fluid and leg fluid by improving lymph flow and drainage (see study below). Many people can feel the improved circulation and flow of energy once the chi machine stops. This is known as the "Chi Rush". The "Chi Rush" feels like a tingling feel that flows throughout the body. The Chi Rush feeling reminds me of a carbonated beverage or champagne with all its bubbles. Some people may feel this tingling all the way through their body to their fingertips while others may only feel it locally, throughout certain areas of their body like their arms, legs or abdomen.

Chi Machine Benefits and Cellular Oxygen     kirlian photography     Chi Machine Benefits Lymph System
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Relaxation: The massage therapy action from the machine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, opening up the bronchioles to provide maximum breath to your lungs. Simultaneously, the blood flow to and from the lungs is increased. This enhances oxygen exchange from the lungs to the blood and then to your body cells. If you have ever had a massage, you know that when your body relaxes, you breathe deeper.

We all are aware of the importance of oxygen to our bodies. According to Ed McCabe, author of Flood Your Body With Oxygen, by living in an oxygen-deficient environment and not feeding our cells the proper oxygen and nutrients needed for cleaning out toxins and wastes, our body fluids and blood can and will become dirty and toxic. A lack of oxygen weakens our immune system. This may lead to viral infections, damaged cells, bacterial growths, inflamed joints, serious heart and circulatory problems, toxic build up in blood, and premature aging.

Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner, showed that the "cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar". Simply put, cancerous cells cannot live and develop in the presence of oxygen.

Passive Aerobic Exercise (movement without physical exertion) can stimulate globulin production which increases the immune system's defence capacity. This also increases the movement of the lymph fluid in the body. Increased lymph flow can help to cleanse and remove harmful substances from our tissues and support our immune function. The lymphatic system has no "pump" action of its own. It relies on muscle contractions through deep breathing, exercise, and manual manipulation to move its fluid around in the body. The Chi Machine effectively moves the body's fluids and aids the Lymphatic system, especially in those who are physically challenged or do not get sufficient exercise. Similar to a lymphatic massage, it can also be useful in cases of swelling, sports injury, for people experiencing a sluggish immune system, or who suffer from a general lack of energy. Please note that cleansing your body may cause bad breath or thirst, so make sure to drink plenty of "good" clean water.

Dr. Nathan Lipton believed in energy medicine and the balancing of "Chi". "Chi" is a Chinese word that refers to life force or life energy. Chi increases the feeling of aliveness and well being. Chi is the permeating energy within the universe and it creates vitality: Western medical science is beginning to consider ancient eastern traditions. These eastern traditions emphasize healing and good health based on a life force energy, which flows in channels through all living forms. The Chi Machine aids in unblocking the "Chi" pathways or meridians and ensures a maximum flow of healing source throughout your body and organs. Dr. Nathan Lipton referred to this type of energy healing as Chiology.

Dr. Nathan Lipton believed that a paradigm shift had occurred in regards to our health and it is known as energy medicine, or as he says or as he would say "Chiology". Dr. Lipton refers to the Chi Machine as one of the best devices that utilizes this new paradigm of energy medicine and that this machine is motion energy. You can read Dr. Lipton's articles and learn more on Chiology and the Chi Machine's 12 Major Benefits.

Please do not hesitate to call me at (800) 728-2425 with any questions about the Chi Machine you might have. These products have helped others manage their own symptoms from their own health concerns, however, there is only so much information I am allowed to share in print!

How to Use the Chi Machine

The Chi Machine offers various arm positions for its use so please make sure you know how to use it properly. View our video and instructions on How to Use the Chi Machine, also feel free to download the Chi Machine Brochure.

Imitation Chi Machines

Fake Imitation

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine (Sun Harmony) is a Passive Aerobic Exerciser. Like many good things in life, the Chi has inspired its share of fraudulent imitations. These imitations are known as Evergain, Swing Machine, Stress Buster, Exerciser 2000, Chi Swing, Chi Vitalizer or Chi Energizer, or Ki Motion. Since it's popularity, many manufacturers have built their own version of a Passive Aerobic Exerciser. The secret of a genuine Passive Aerobic Exerciser is that their (A) motor is perfectly balanced and the rocking motion is perfectly balanced from left to right (140 +/- 5 cycles per minute). Imitation Passive Aerobic Exercisers (B) look like they perform the proper movement, but are not balanced, and they do not produce the same optimal effects. Our machine provides the correct movement to the body so as not to injure the spine. Our figure 8 movement is smooth, balanced, and non-jarring to the structure of the human body. The unbalanced movement of the copy cat machines, no matter how subtle, may lead to repetitive stress injury to the body.

There are several other imitation or copycat devices on the market today. These devices, in an attempt to sell the machines for less, have used inferior motors in them. This causes the machine to not be able to provide the smooth, consistent, balanced motion necessary to receive the health benefits the machine was designed for. These imitation machines usually sell for between $98-$449. Please note, that no other company can use the term "Chi Machine" for the name of their product. The term "Chi Machine' has been trademarked by Hsin Ten Enterprises, the owner. Also, I must reinforce that the Original Sun Ancon Chi is also a patented product, so no other machine can compare because they are unable to duplicate our motor or our swing frequency.

Our Manufacturer has tried a number of Imitation Copycat machines, here are their comments:

The Oxyciser, which is available from the Home Shopping Network for $98. It has a very weak motor and a violent motion that has had many people complaining of injury. This Oxyciser comes with a warning that you could burn the motor up if you use it for more than 15 minutes at a time and do not rest it a half hour between uses. It also specifies that it is not to be used commercially or in a professional healthcare office. The original machine is made to be used in a busy doctor offices (MD, DC, ND, LMT).

The Stress Buster by Tinny Beauty, they have 2 models one cheap one and one is a 'deluxe' model. This was made by a former distributor that took the original machine to China, and through a Chinese government sponsored program, is having this fake machines built there. It is sold here though a couple of distributors. It is not his main business, he just makes these as extra income. Just call them and you will see.

The Swing Machine or Healthy Swing. Again a variable speed control and an inferior product. It weighs only 7lbs. The original is more sturdy and built to be used in hospitals. There are probably others, but these are the ones I have run across the most.

If you have any doubts as to any of this information I suggest you try to call the company that makes each machine. You will find NO real companies behind any of these other machines, just importers of boxes trying to make a quick buck. They have had people purchase these machines only to return them and buy an original.

Do your own research and you will realize that it is no bargain to buy an inferior product that could not only break down in a few months, but could harm you. It's not worth saving a few bucks on something that you'll be using to maximize your health two or more times per day.

No copy can compare with the Original Chi - A Genuine Passive Aerobic Exerciser!

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Product Specifications

  • Model Number SDM888 (replaced Model SM330)
  • Weight: 15.5lb / 7kg
  • Dimensions - 13.15" X 9.25" X 11.69" (334cm X 235cm X 297cm)
  • USA: 120 v - 60Hz - 34w
  • Swing Frequency: 140-144 oscillations/minute
  • Swing Travel: 1.5 inches / 37mm
  • Wing Angle: 12 degrees
  • RPM: 1800/1500
  • Power Consumption 34w
  • Colors are White and Grey.

Model SDM888 offers improved noise insulation, upgraded materials for a smoother and quieter experience, a stronger base accommodating people of all sizes, a fully enclosed motor providing better protection and durability during shipping and transportation.

Chi Machine Sun Ancon Model SDM 888

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Chi Machine FIR Pad

Chi Machine & FIR Pad
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Precautions: Do Not use for at least 3 months after an operation or bone fracture, if suffering from a serious infection, have a bleeding injury or heart disease, during pregnancy, within 30 minutes of eating, if extreme pain occurs during use, investigate the cause and correct the problem before reusing use of the machine. If you have a medical condition and have a question, you should consult with your physician before using.