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TC5000 Standard Model!
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TC5000 Pro Model
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Main Benefits

  • Enhances your Body's Ability to Detoxify and Heal
  • Balances the Energy Pathways within the Body Promoting overall Vitality and Strength
  • Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System
  • May help with Sore Muscles
  • Unique and Specific to Each Individual's Level of Health

What is the Aqua Chi Foot Bath

The Aqua (water) Chi (energy) Foot Bath is a self contained, easy to use, highly technical water detoxification system which utilizes negative ions to help the body maintain vitality and health. The array or module charges the water using copper and stainless steel electrodes to cleanse, balance and enhance the bodies bio-energy system. Bio-Energy is the electro-magnetic force that is stored within our bodies and is the energy needed and utilized by our cells to function at their best. All the cells in the body have an electric potential. For our cells to function at their best the cells need to maintain a certain voltage. It is these complex energy fields that permeate and realign the body's energy fields while improving the cells overall oxygen levels. It is widely used to increase energy and stamina, while purging our bodies of toxins. This elimination of toxins has resulted in less body fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, a more balanced pH, a stronger immune system, and has been significant in pain relief.

The cleansing process of this unit can actually be seen through the reaction of the water. Water, salt and the metal in the array or module interact with each other to produce ions. These ions neutralize everything they contact, including the toxins that are in the tap and filtered water you may have used to soak your feet in. The process it uses results in the correct frequency required for cells to return to a healthy state allowing them to release toxins. An amazing product in bio-electric energy.

The human body is electric because our cells are electric. Disorders and diseases affect cells giving them a vibrational frequency that is not compatible with healthy cells. This frequency disrupts the cells' natural oscillation and polarity creating imbalances and chaos within each affected cell. When cells are in an imbalanced electrical state, they are unable to perform the body's functions that are needed for health and healing. When cells are fully charged, they have more oxygen and are able to experience an electrical balance. This balance increases our sense of awareness and allows our bodies to function more properly. The water is the capacitor for this much needed energy and is a perfect way for our bodies to absorb the energy. Remember when our cells are healthy, our energy is high, nutrients enter the cell and wastes can exit the cell.

Research has shown that an increase in the number of negative ions will have an overall balancing effect on our cells. Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained electrons. If the atoms or molecules lose electrons, they become positively charged ions. If they gain electrons, they become negatively charges ions. The ionic technique of the Aqua Chi Foot Bath provides this energy through the water we are using on our feet.

Water, having a most nearly perfect balance of positive and negative ions, and our bodies being composed of 70% water, makes the interaction of our bodies with water extremely high. When you immerse a body mass into water, the vibrational frequency of the water will affect the vibrational frequency of the body. This is due to the interaction of the electrical and magnetic fields. For a full explanation on how the Aqua Chi Works, read the Informational Booklet.

The Color of the Water

Usually during a foot bath session the water will change color. It is important to understand that whether or not the water changes color or what color the water changes to does not determine the degree of detoxification or benefits you are receiving. The water is being charged to give the water energy for your body to absorb. The key to this amazing unit is that it gives the body energy and it uses the energy to restore and balance the energy in the body's cells. Once your body absorbs this energy the benefits of improved health and detoxification begin and last for up to 48 hours. That is why it is recommended to only use the unit every other day for just 20 minutes! So again, the degree of detoxification you are receiving, is not reflected by the color of the water.

One of the best indicators that energy is being produced, is after a treatment there will be an oily substance located on the container right at the water level. This oily substance generally contains materials released from the outer layers of your skin. Another indicator could be found in the color of your urine. Since your body functions are increased through this treatment, and the treatment is also increasing your energy it would activate waste production and toxin removal through your urine and bowel. Similarly, a darker coloring of the urine can sometimes be seen after eating because our bodies process waste materials. Even though no food has been consumed, you may notice something similar to this discoloration of urine.

What do the color changes in the water signify? What do the color changes in the water signify? As a Nutritional Consultant, I am aware of how important it is to eat a variety of colorful foods in order to assure balance in the body. Each color has a chemical value and the chemical components of food also attribute to their acid-alkaline balance.

  • Green Foods generally nourish the immune system especially the liver and gall bladder.
  • Red Foods generally nourish the endocrine system as well as the heart and small intestine.
  • Orange Foods generally nourish the joints.
  • Yellow Foods generally nourish the digestive system including the spleen, stomach and pancreas.
  • Brown Foods generally nourish the liver.
  • Yellow-Green Foods generally nourish the kidney, bladder, and urinary tract.
  • White Foods generally nourish the respiratory system with the lungs utilizing most, the lymphatic system and skin.
  • Black Foods nourish the circulatory system, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and bladder.

One would think that the whole color change seems completely random. It is not random at all. Each person's ability to absorb energy is different and the reaction of the water is also going to be different. Remember, good health means a better ability to absorb energy. Poor health means a lesser ability to absorb energy. The energy is the factor that the water reacts to. You also need to remember that the water also wants to keep some energy for itself. This means that the energy created by the water is going to be shared between you and the water. If your energy is weak, the water will keep the energy for itself tending to keep a darker color, while if your energy is strong, the water would tend to keep a lighter color. In the end, it comes down to a balancing act between the water and the person taking in the energy the water produces.

Keeping these colors in mind, the color changes in the water may represent the areas in your body being detoxified. Again, please keep in mind, that the water does not have to change color for the detox foot bath to be working. While the color of the water is interesting, it is more of a myth!

Perform your own Color Experiment

After using the unit on yourself, your clients, or family members, you will begin to see what you might already have known. A person’s health plays a vital role in conjunction with the water. We all understand the flow of energy and how it pertains to a person’s health. We also know that the quality of the water will affect the color change of the water. The person using the water does influence what the water will look like as well, so that even using the same water source, the way the water looks can vary greatly among individuals. It seems that the the darker the water, the less energy an individual has.

You can perform your own experiment when you get your unit. Operate your unit by itself, just using the water, salt and module. See what color the water becomes. Take note of that color, for when you use it, the color could be different then when it was used alone based on your overall health and the amount of energy you absorb. This would continue for each individual who uses the device. Remember, if the water doesn’t change color, it isn’t unusual and doesn’t mean it isn’t working. What is interesting, is that when using the same water, with the unit is that the color can and often will change based on whose feet are in it.

The Aqua Chi Foot Bath is another form of energy medicine. Not only do we receive benefits during a treatment, we also receive benefits AFTER the treatment because the body is better balanced and charged. This allows the body to detoxify through its regular channels more efficiently.

How does it Compare

There are many other ionic detox foot baths on the market. These foot baths include the Ion Cleanse from AMD, the Optimum Focus Detox Foot Bath which uses a Copper Tub for your feet, the Bio-Cleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath and the The Aqua Detox Foot Bath. All of these foot baths claim to have the same benefits, however, I do not believe that they do. Many of these foot baths utilize different amounts of positive and negative ions and frequencies to match different individuals based on their health concerns. To me, the science behind it doesn't make sense. The object is to give the body energy utilizing negative ions, why throw in more positive ions or vary the frequency. I also originally chose the Aqua Chi Foot Bath because I had a friend who battled cancer and used this unit in the bath tub to help her body detoxify after chemotherapy. She survived her cancer and underwent her treatments quite well so when it came time for me to make my decision on what unit I was going to use in my wellness center, it was easy. I was also impressed with how well researched it was, the fact that it had a 7 year warranty, and was made in the USA.


Below is an informational video on this unit.

Please watch the videos below on some of the studies done comparing the Ion Cleanse with the Aqua Chi Foot Bath.

Take the time to read the article on current research being done on Bio-Energy. You may also want to read the article on the Nobel Prize in Chemistry of 2003 which was awarded to Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon who contributed to discovering how water plays a role in our cells with ions!

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Comes in two models:

Professional Model Standard Model

Professional Model TC5000


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Standard Model TC5000


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72 Month Warranty
30 Day Trial

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It comes with a 30 Day Trial (Domestic Only) and 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
A restocking fee may apply for returns.
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Precautions: Do Not use if you are pregnant or may be pregnant or if you have any transplanted organs.