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Beta Glucan 1,3D

Beta Glucan is a daily dietary supplement designed to support your immune system with the combination of one remarkable substances, Beta-1, 3-D Glucan (beta glucan). I feel Beta Glucan is one of the best immune system supplements on the market because it promotes balance to your immune system! By gently strengthening your immune system, most everyone is able to take this supplement, however, those with over active immune systems may want to take caution or discuss this with their doctor. . BetaLoe's main goal is to provide balance helping your immune system do its job!

The Ingredient of this Beta Glucan is over 85% pure. It is safer then the water you drink from your tap and since the beta glucan in this formula is highly purified and derived from the cell walls of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), it makes the precise substance for which the actual glucan macrophage receptor has been identified.

Beta-1, 3-D Glucan is technically referred to as a poly-branched poly-glucose. This is so complex that some may refer to it as fiber.

Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan is Safe

The yeast proteins that might cause some distress have been removed resulting in no known contraindications with drugs. The materials used to produce this product are also free of chemicals, metals, and pesticides. It is non GMO, CGMP Certified, Gluten Free, 100% natural!

Why Use Beta Glucan

If you believe that supplements assist you in keeping your body's bones and tissue healthy, then you may also believe that a supplement could help you keep your immune system functioning at its best. So many people today are prescribed many antibiotics, even before they give their own immune system time to fend off the invader. Everyone taking so many antibiotics is causing these antibiotics to be less effective. Less effective antibiotics is leading to antibioptic resistance and a potential crisis in antibiotics. It is very important for our own immune systems to remain strong.

Facts About the Immune System

The immune system is made up of over one trillion white blood cells. White Blood Cells assist in protecting and maintaining other cells in the body. Many illnesses, such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer can be the result of an immune system that is not functioning properly. Also, the rate in which someone ages is dependent upon the status of one's immune system. A healthy immune system can and often will lead to a better quality of life.

Benefits of Beta Glucan

  • Safe and Natural
  • Activates white blood cell activity
  • Helps restore balance to your immune system
  • Helps you maintain a healthy immune response
  • Maintains joint health
  • Assists with anti-aging
  • A Powerful antioxidant
  • Assists in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system

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BetaGlucan Ingredients

  • Beta 1, 3-D Glucan
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose

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