It’s Spring – Time to Detox and Cleanse

It’s time to detox and cleanse especially as winter draws to a close. Spring is in the air with warm breezes coaxing the early spring flowers to brighten the land-scape. You might be inspired to clean out your home. You may even do a deeper cleaning, throwing out clutter, geting more organized, and opening up the windows and doors to welcome in the fresh air and sunshine.

Change of Seasons is the Perfect Time

Tradition also suggests that spring is a good time for cleansing the body. During the winter, people living in colder climates are typically less physicallly active and before the advent of modern transportation, people’s dietary choices were limited as well.  Having no access to fresh fruits and vegetables their diets were mostly animal proteins, fats and oils, and heavy starches like grains and potatoes.

Detox and Cleanse for Spring Cleaning - Enjoy the pictures of the flowers and planting.Thus, when the first green plants of spring emerged, they would be welcomed and appreciated as the first sources of fresh plant food. Many of these plants weren’t just thought of as food. They were considered spring tonics and many health benefits were attributed to them. They were believed to thin the blood and invigoarte the circulation. Allowing the body to prepare for summer after heavy diets and inactivity of winter.

Examples of traidtional springs tonics inlcude dandelions, red clover, stinging nettle, cleavers, and various docks such as yellow dock, raspberry and strawberry leaves, young garlic and onion greens, burdock, and various mustard family plants like watercress, shepherd’s purse and peppergrass. Herbal medicine classifies many of these plants as blood purifiers or alteratives. They help cleanse the body by improving the flow of blood and lymph. They also flush the kidneys and liver, and are very alkalizing for the system. These spring tonics not only help the body detoxify, they can also reduce pain and irritation, clean up skin conditions, enhance immune function and invigorate the body and mind.

In this month’s issue of Sunshine Sharing we share ways you can detox and cleanse at home. We explore fasting, weight loss cleanses, spring tonics for detoxifciation, chinese herbs to restore balance and a favorite of mine, Ivy Bridge’s Cleansing Recipe and Program.

More tips to follow during your Detox and Cleanse

  • Eat whole foods which includes healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and lean proteins (chicken, fish and turkey).
  • Avoid sugar, white flour, and processed foods and lunchmeat.
  • Take some walks, breathe deep and enjoy the fresh spring air.
  • Make sure you get plenty of quality rest, at least 7 to 8 hours. This means avoiding the t.v. and electronics, including computer and cell phone 30 minutes before bedtime.

There are many tips on naturally detoxifying your body. Many of us already know that the topic of detox and cleanses is a much debated one. Some people, like myself practice this format twice a year and find them beneficial. Many swear by it and have received benefits. Benefits may include improved energy, less bloating, weight loss, no more constipation, and less muscle aches and headaches. If you haven’t tried one you may want to consider it.