Inflammation – The Flame that Lights All Disease

inflammation red rashEvery time your body is injured, it responds to the damage with inflammation. It doesn’t matter how the injury happened, whether it got cut, punctured, twisted, banged, smashed, scraped, burned, frozen, infected or poisoned, the response is the same. This means that all disease begins with an inflammation process which must be reversed before healing can take place.

The classic signs of inflammation, recognized from ancient times, are heat, swelling, redness, and pain. In Latin the appearance of these four symptoms was called “itis”, which is why many traditional names for diseases end with this suffix. The disease name simple tells you the part of the body that has been damaged and is now inflamed.

Thus, when the appendix is inflamed you have appendicitis; when the tonsils are inflamed, you have tonsillitis, and so forth. When you consider all the “itises” that are – arthritis, bronchitis, tendinitis, colitis, dermatitis, gingivitis, conjunctivitis, diverticulitis, sinusitis, to name a few – it’s already clear that inflammation is involved in a lot of disease.

Learn more about what inflammation is and how it is believed to be involved in all chronic and degenerative diseases in this month’s Sunshine Sharing. Some of my favorite herbs and oils for helping the body during times of inflammation are IF- Relief, Super Omega 3’s, Recover Essential Oil Blend.  It is also very important to drink water, manage your stress, eat a healthy diet avoiding processed foods and sugar, and maintaining gut health. If you are dealing with chronic inflammation, Ultrabiome DTX is a great place to start. I also really like to use the Advanced Electro Reflex Energize with its electrical stimulation to assist the body with its electrical energy to help move fluids and open up the body’s pathways.