Fats are Good

good fats butterDon’t Fight the Fats, Find the Fats that are Good for You!

Most people have been conditioned to believe that all fats are bad. Not only are fats associated with obesity, they are associated with poor health. As a result,
many foods have made the claim to be healthy because they are “low fat” or “no fat”.

Animal fats, in particular are demonized. Margarine, an artificial food made from processed vegetable oils have been labeled heart healthy, while real butter and eggs
have been blamed for heart disease because they contain saturated fats and cholesterol. This continues to be the case even though it is now a well established fact that inflammation, not fat and cholesterol, causes heart disease.

The truth is, that much of what has been taught about fats is highly misleading or outright false. This issue of
Sunshine Sharing
will help clarify the truth about these fat falsehoods.