Travel Tips – Stay Healthy

Travel tips to keep you safe and healthy during your trip. Ttravel tipsravel has many benefits for your health and wellness. By leaving the stress of work and daily life behind, you provide yourself with a chance to slow down, absorb new experiences, and focus on making meaningful memories. Blocking time out on your calendar to travel can also promote brain health and challenge your perceptions. When you experience a new environment, you heighten your observations and your focus intensifies; this in turn sharpens your mind. By stepping into a new place you can gain perspective on your life and you greatly reduce the feeling of burnout or exhaustion at work.

Because travel is so good for you and offers so many benefits, it’s important to also ensure you don’t get sick while traveling. Feeling crummy is the fastest way to ruin this special time you’ve planned and waited for. So we’ve compiled some tips to keep you fighting fit as you explore a new place.

Travel Tips

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: The day before you begin travel, make a concerted effort to remain totally hydrated. This can be difficult when boarding planes, trains, or automobiles, but the reward of remaining healthy is worth it. Equip your body to handle the stress of travel. Drink lots of water both during transit and the duration of your trip. If you are heading to a place where water is unsafe to drink, consider a water treatment kit.
  2. Pack snacks: You’ll reduce the risk of exposing yourself to bacteria if you bring along your own snacks. This is especially helpful if you have a sensitive stomach. While it’s wonderful to sample the local fare, it’s also handy to have a little food on hand. Just in case you can’t locate a suitable place to eat. This will also help you avoid the temptation to eat sugary or greasy snacks, which do nothing to boost your immunity.
  3. Take sleep seriously: Whatever it takes, an eye mask, earplugs, or soothing music, get to bed at a reasonable hour so your body can adjust to any time changes. Getting a solid eight hours will help you feel refreshed and energized to explore each day.
  4. Bring your carry-on items: Travel-sized hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and a small first aid kit are great things to keep with you as you roam.
  5. Focus on Safety:  While you are traveling paying attention to your surroundings, doing research before you go, and letting family members know your plans is one of the most important travel tips.
  6. Sit down: While traveling on public transit, find the least crowded spot on your train, plane, bus, or boat. If it’s possible, try to sit down. Your chances of touching a pole or handle swarming with germs will be lowered. We hope you take time this year to plan a memorable vacation or break. We also wish you a happy and healthy adventure!

Bon voyage!