Tips for Healthy Skin

Loving the Skin You’re In

We are all familiar with the saying that “beauty is only skin deep,” but having beautiful healthy skin is so important that around 100 billion dollars are spent on skin care products globally. That’s not even counting the 571 billion spend on cosmetics. Skin care is important for everyone. About 65% of women use skin care products daily and 37% of men use them daily as well.  And considering the skin is the largest and most visible organ and an indicator of overall health this makes a lot of sense.

tips for healthy skinGiven this information, it’s interesting how few people understand that to tackle chronic skin problems you need to look more than skin deep. The health of the skin is completely dependent on the health of other organs and body systems such as the digestive system, liver, galls bladder, circulatory system, kidneys, and the endocrine glands (especially the pituitary, pineal glad, thyroid and reductive glands).

This means that topical treatments alone are not enough to correct a skin condition. They will only mask or push the problem elsewhere. You should always look deeper when working to create healthy skin. In this month’s Sunshine Sharing we will discuss how you can improve the health and beauty of your skin by supporting your body’s detoxification systems, endocrine glands, and overall health as well as natural topical treatments. Also reviewed are tips for acne, dermatits, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Topical Tips for Healthy Skin

As mentioned before skin care considers two parts, topically and from the inside out. Below are tips to help your skin from the outside.

Cleanse your skin so your pores do not become clogged. Make sure to use natural soaps and not harsh chemicals.

Use natural facials masks like clays. They make a great addition to skin care. For those with oily skin, I love to apply bentonite clay masks. If your skin is normal try kaolin clay and if it tends to be dry, try the pink clay. Using the E-Power Machine with a nourishing facial mask can also help with skin rejuvenation.

You can also take a hot bath to open up your pores and sweat the impurities out.

Skin irritations need to be addressed. For redness try lavender or chamomile essential oil diluted in a carrier oil or Aloe Vera gel. To tone and tighten, try witch hazel in a mist or with a cotton ball.

Tips for Inside Out Skin Care

Detoxification is important. Our bodies eliminate through our bowels, urine, lungs, lymph and skin. If you are backed up in one of these areas, the other areas have to deal with the excess. If you have skin eruptions like acne, dermatitis or eczema that could be a sign your skin is dealing with an excess. Blood purifying herbs cans help. Burdock root, dandelion, and yellow dock are some of my favorites and often can be found in teas.

Feed your skin – your skin is an organ and needs to be nourished from the inside just like the rest of your body. Unhealthy skin is usually the result of oxidative damage aso eat antioxidant rich foods. Also feed your skin water (vitamin C) and fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A, E and E). When I was younger, I had trouble with eczema and I took a spoonful of Cod Liver Oil daily which is a great source for vitamins A and D,

Hormones and glandular issues can also create problems for your skin as well as hair loss.  Make sure you are supporting a healthy thyroid and balancing your hormone levels. Seed rotation has worked well for many in balancing hormones and your thyroid loves seaweed and iodine.

Information on specific skin issues including Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis can be found in this month’s Sunshine Sharing. Remember healthy habits create a healthy you.