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Dr. Inoue - Sun Ancon Chi Machine

The Inventor of the Passive Aerobic Exerciser

"Oxygen is indispensable to Health, Beauty and Clearing the Mind"

Dr Shizuo Inoue Inventory of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine Passive Aerobic Exerciser

Dr. Shizuo Inoue was the President of the Oxygen Health Association and the director of the Japan Health Association and spent the majority of his life promoting the theory that related good health with oxygen. Dr. Inoue believed that "Oxygen deficiencies was the cause of many chronic diseases". This belief is what drove him to create the Sun Ancon Chi Machine Passive Aerobic Exerciser.

Legend tells us that one day Dr. Inoue observed a goldfish swimming freely - yet not even moving forward - a relaxed form of oxygenation. Technically, fish oxygenation occurs by combining rhythmic muscle contractions with stimulation of the autonomic nerves in the spinal column. This oxygenation method applies to four-legged animals as well as modern man.

Upon further study, Dr. Inoue found that a particular rate of oscillation and a well-defined range of motion must be obtained for optimal oxygenation of the human body to occur. This optimal range of motion also allows for relaxation of the spinal column.

This discovery led to Dr. Shizuo Inoue working with other researchers to develop a device that could duplicate this gentle "figure 8", fish like motion of a goldfish and provide this movement to humans using a gentle massage. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine was designed to be used as a Passive Aerobic Exerciser to promote overall well being and maximum oxygenation. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine provides maximum oxygenation with minimum effort and was designed to be used by all individuals based on their individual fitness levels. Dr. Inoue was granted a medical patent in Japan for his theory and his research.

Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health
by Dr. Shizuo Inoue

Dr. Inoue published his work on passive aerobic exercise and oxygenation in his book. He expressed throughout his book his belief that under the condition of oxygen deficiency, a person may experience pain, inflammation, swelling, tumors, ulcers, and a cloudy mind. Sometimes, in serious cases, the heart might stop beating.

Throughout his book he explained how the passive aerobic exercise helped individuals relieve cramps; improve breathing difficulties with individuals suffering from pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis; insomnia; lymphedema, anxiety; loss of appetite; rheumatism; snoring; gastric ulcers; anemia; cardiac insufficiency; palpitations; cold hands and feet; and pain relief. He also discuses the importance of keeping your body's pH balanced.

Aerobic Respiration and Health by Dr. Inoue

Below are two quotes from his book.

"Oxygen was indispensable to the existence of all creatures and that it was especially important for the cells which make up the brain. A deficiency of oxygen lead to damage of cerebral nerves. The body is unable to store oxygen and thus has to obtain it by uninterrupted and efficient respiration."

Page 58, Inoue, Shizuo. Aerobic Respiration and Health. USA: Hsin Ten Enterprises, 2000.

"Using the Chi Machine is a sufficient way to do aerobic respiration exercise for a couple of minutes every morning and evening. A guideline is to do the exercise according to one's physical strength and not over work the body".

Page 61, Inoue, Shizuo; Aerobic Respiration and Health. USA: Hsin Ten Enterprises, 2000.