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The Surprising Benefits of Far Infrared

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Many people wonder what far infrared therapy is. Well it is a type of therapy that utilizes infrared waves that penetrate deep into the body, promoting circulation, detoxification, and relaxation. These rays gently warm the body from within, stimulating increased blood flow and oxygenation to tissues and organs. As a result, you may experience reduced inflammation, improved sleep, boosted immunity, and even weight loss. These benefits of far infrared therapy extend beyond physical health. Many users also report a sense of calm and mental clarity after a session because these rays can also help relieve stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and balanced. We will also be sharing some information below from Dr. Nathan Lipton, Dr. Tate and Dr. McClintok on their experience as well as their client's experiences using the SOQI Ceramic Far Infrared Dome (formerly the HotHouse).

The Far Infrared Dome

By Nathan L. Lipton, M.D., F.A.A.O.

Not long after obtaining and discovering the wonderful benefits of the Chi Machine, I became curious about another device made by the same company, called the SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (formerly the HotHouse or the Far Infrared Dome). I ordered it and found it very pleasant to use by itself or in conjunction with the Chi Machine. Around this time my wife developed arthritis in her right hip and big toe. She was seen by a rheumatologist who recommended powerful anti-inflammatories which might have been very effective but also can cause side-effects. Rather than go the pharmaceutical route, she began using the HotHouse for two 20 minute sessions daily over her hip and her foot. Within one month all her symptoms resolved which was very impressive to me. With continued use, she remains pain-free.

Before long I brought the HotHouse and the Chi Machine into my office to use with patients. The main surgery I perform is Lasik laser vision correction and I have found it extremely helpful to place all my patients on the Chi Machine and the HotHouse for 10 minutes before their procedure in order to relax them. I also introduced the HotHouse to patients whom I felt could benefit from its use. One of these was Mr. Neil Hendrikson who reported his experience as follows:

Dear Dr. Lipton -

"Thanks for recommending the FIR HotHouse - I was in terrible pain, gone to every doctor, MRI, the works. I have bone spurs, and two bulging discs in my back. I was bedridden, taking pain pills and having terrible back spasms. I had made an appointment with a pain specialist when I remembered Dr. Lipton's FIR machine; I had one air-freighted to my house. What a miracle! In seven days, no medicine was needed. My wife even started using the HotHouse for sciatica with great relief. Thank you Dr. Lipton".

This and other patient's experiences with the HotHouse demonstrated that far infrared rays have unique therapeutic properties. How does far infrared work? There is an excellent article in the January 2001 issue of Alternative Medicine magazine which addresses this question.

Mechanisms and Benefits

Far Infrared Benefits

In brief, here is a summary of the mechanisms and benefits of the HotHouse Far Infrared Unit.

The HotHouse raises body temperature (also known as hyperthermia) - which has many benefits.
a. It promotes the killing of many pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, viruses, fungus, and parasites.
b. Second, it modulates the immune system by increasing production of cytokines (special immune cells that play a very important role in disease control). In Europe and Central America people pay exorbitant sums of money to bring cultivated cytokines in for their health needs. The HotHouse promotes the production of our very own (biologically safe) cytokinine cells without fear of external contamination and excessive cost.
c. Third, it coordinates the immune response against mutated cells. (Mutated cells are genetic variants that occur randomly or because of environmental changes; they are usually not favorable to the survival of the person in whom they occur.

The HotHouse helps athletes recover faster from athletic trauma; especially the combination of the HotHouse and the Chi Machine help tissues repair by increasing oxygenation to the tissues and reducing the production of lactic acid. Also through increased lymph drainage, the accumulated lactic acid from the injury is resolved sooner. It also promotes rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury). Furthermore, it increases growth of cells, DNA synthesis, and protein synthesis - all necessary during tissue repair.

The HotHouse promotes Chinese meridian regulation. Far infrared can penetrate up to 4 cm (1 1/2 inches) into the body. This excites the vibrational energy of the molecules and resonates with cellular frequencies, and thus promotes the proper flow of energy or "chi" throughout the body. This in turn promotes all bioprocesses, increasing metabolism, increasing blood circulation, and the core body temperature. One hour under the HotHouse burns over 900 calories by raising the metabolism and body temperature.

The HotHouse detoxifies the environmentally ill patient. Far infrared brings about significant detoxification of heavy metals including mercury and other environmental pollutants.

Finally I will share my own personal experience with far infrared. Several months ago, I woke up and I noticed there was a lump about the size of a grape on the right side of my neck. It wasn't there the day before and I felt fine otherwise. What was it? Likely a lymph node - which certainly is a source of concern. When I got home that evening, I got under the far infrared unit for 2 1/2 hours; when I finished this treatment the lump was unchanged. The next morning when I awoke and I looked in the mirror, I was amazed to see the lump had shrunk 80%; I only wish I had taken a photograph. After another week of treatment, it disappeared.

I know that Far Infrared units are used in Europe and Asia to treat many health disorders with therapeutically significant results. As a physician I am on a mission to help educate other physicians about Far Infrared and how this wonderful modality can be used to help their patients remain healthy.

Dr. Nathan Lipton, M.D., F.A.A.O. is board-certified in ophthalmology. He completed his residency at the University of Toronto, where he won the Woywitka Award for Outstanding Resident. In practice in Dallas, Texas since 1979, Dr. Lipton specializes in lasik laser vision correction and uses the Chi Machine and HotHouse to relax his patients preoperatively. His mission is to accelerate the acceptance of the Chi Machine and HotHouse among health care professionals everywhere.

Dr. Nathan Lipton passed away suddenly. His passion for sharing the Chi Machine and Far Infrared Hothouse among health care professionals will always be remembered and appreciated.

Audio File on the Far Infrared Dome

The above audio files were recorded during distributor conference calls
with Dr. Tate and Dr. McClintock and are meant for educational purposes.

During this audio, they both try to explain far infrared for a better understanding of it. Its important to know that far infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation that falls within the electromagnetic spectrum. Unlike harmful UV rays, far infrared rays are safe and beneficial to the human body. These invisible waves have longer wavelengths compared to visible light, allowing them to penetrate deep into the body's tissues. Their waves are actually absorbed by the body and can penetrate up to 1.5 inches into the skin, gently raising the body's core temperature. You can experience it through various methods, including far infrared, heating pads, back belts and beds or saunas. The most common and effective way to harness the benefits of far infrared is through the use of a portable far infrared dome, like the SOQI FIR Dome.