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Testimonials By Customers and Doctors

Who have used The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser

Below are chi machine reviews shared with us over the years from clients, customers, and doctors. Many people with various health concerns have received benefits from using the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, including myself. It's important to remember that the following are individual opinions and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for therapy. There are more chi machine reviews available from the doctors in Mexico who have used the SOQI Products as well as a SOQI Testimonial book. I hope you find these helpful.


What you want is to have the energy do a full travel flow through the body in a figure eight pattern. When you relax, the autonomic nervous system releases and the body lets go of the blockage and goes into an alpha state. Body healing takes place while you are in the alpha state. That is why you get the tremendous turn-around in your body healing and functioning. Everything opens up and the body makes connection with energy while in the figure eight. It actually gets right brain / left brain functioning. The right brain / left brain function is why we have so much success with ADD and learning disabilities. It is putting meditation and exercise together. Plus, it increases the oxygen and the energy, takes 30% of the stress, and allows the body to realign itself....P

During a meeting, an occupational therapist (Nancy Lawton Shirley) did a presentation and said the chi machine helps with ADD, Autism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Sensory Defensiveness and Anxiety Disorder. Before a child can learn, a child needs to learn how to calm himself or herself down. She found after using the chi machine that it helps by giving the child the ability to calm down which can help a child sleep better, progress to more refined motor skills and better relate to the outside environment. You can view her talk by viewing her video.

We are happy getting off Ritalin because of ADD. If you have anybody with ADD or learning disabilities, the right and left neurotransmitters in the brain don't connect. What the Aerobic Exerciser does is create the cross-crawl patterning in the brain that makes them connect. Then it relaxes the serotonin and walla! You're Happy! The world looks wonderful!" ...D

Connecting the Neurotransmitters. The Chi Machine is able to take us down into the Theta stage of sleep. When we reach this stage we are more relaxed, and when we are more relaxed we have what they call 32 figure-8’s in the body. In those afflicted with ADD or ADHD, the neurotransmitters in the brain don’t quite connect, and that is why they give children Ritalin to get those neurotransmitters connected, but it has a lot of side effects. When you get down to Theta and it is connecting, the neurotransmitters release the serotonin. The serotonin is what makes us happy and cheerful! It’s why people don’t have depression, why they don’t have to take the Ritalin." ...D.

Lock in the System Can Result in ADD.... M. found that with children who have learning disabilities, there is a bone called the “temple bone” right where the ears are located. That bone can get locked down with birth trauma, especially by forceps delivery or by hitting the side of the head accidentally on the playground or whatever. These kids start getting ADD or ADHD, which is hyperactivity. It’s not because they are stupid, but it’s because they have a lock in their system. There’s no room. So what we do in cranial work is open up those temporal blocks. Interestingly enough, the sitz bones (where you sit on) correspond to the temporal bones. When you are on the Chi Machine, that is what you are moving…you are moving the whole pelvis, which helps the movement of the temporal bones. ...Unknown

Recognized after Two Years....One user whose wife has Alzheimer’s disease decided to see if the Chi Machine would have a positive effect upon his wife. For two years she hadn’t recognized him. He was in the habit of taking breakfast into her and feeding her every morning and every lunchtime so that she would have all the enzymes she needed. He felt it was more nutritional food. He took the Chi Machine into the nursing home and put it on the end of the bed and let her be on it for ten minutes…and she knew him! Can you imagine what a thrill that would be when your wife hadn’t recognized you in two years! She still could not talk and carry on a conversation but she was happy to see him. Anything to do with the brain, like depression, like ADD… the Chi Machine works so well! ...D.


Arthritis in Hands Relieved......It sounds to good to be true, but the Aerobic Exerciser has actually relieved the arthritis in my 75-year old mother’s hands. ...C.M.

The day finally came when I began to use the FIR Dome and the Aerobic Exerciser. After I used them for only two or three days, I felt the stiffness of my body going away. Six months later I found them very effective. I could say goodbye to those days of wasted money, time and energy spent on medicine, massage and the like. Now I can do these healthy exercises for recuperation purposes at home. I now have a good appetite. I can sleep well at night. I have gained weight and can ride my bike to take my daughter to school or to bring her home again. I passed the examination to get my driver's license. I can once again enjoy the good things in my life." ...C
Help for Rheumatoid Arthritis...... I had a lady who was about 80 years old who got the Chi Machine. She has Rheumatoid Arthritis and had constant pain in her shoulders and in her wrists. Her hand was numb. I just talked to her to find out how she is doing and she said, “My shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore. My wrists don’t hurt, and my hand is not numb anymore!" ...V., Health Therapist

According to Dr. L. Naturopath, there have been remarkable results for those suffering from muscle cramps, migraines, and inflammation, with the use of the Aerobic Exerciser. It has also been a benefit for those suffering from arthritis pain, chronic sciatica, and back pain. If there is any negativity, you need to cut back on your time for awhile and build up very slowly. This comes from excessive toxins in the body and not enough water intake. If you have migraine headaches, put your hands underneath your head to help stimulate response.. ...Dr. L. N.D.

Back & Body (Structural System)

Structural System Chi Machine Reviews

Natural tips for your lower back and structural system health.

"Dr. J., Chiropractor from Australia, reported that people with lower back and neck problems, people who have had very chronic problems over a long period of time and a whole range of things find the Aerobic Exerciser is extremely helpful." ...Dr. J. DC

"My husband is a master mechanic, but could no longer work underneath the vehicles because of back spasms. After lying on the Aerobic Exerciser for 15 minutes, the spasm was gone! After he went back to his work the spasm returned. Not to be deterred, he got back on the Aerobic Exerciser to get relief. He was finally able to complete the work on a vehicle he had been waiting a year to repair and now is again working at his favorite past time."...D

"One user is a dancer and also uses the machine to realign her back and spine, shake out her legs and feet after classes and rehearsals. She regards it as a beautiful and gentle friend."

"A 74 year-old woman reported after having purchased an Aerobic Exerciser that her husband never tries anything new. However, he saw this curious machine laying around the house and decided to try it. His problem hip that had troubled him for nine years began to feel better. In just a few days his hip was feeling great!"

"I have scoliosis that I was apparently born with, and to my delight the Aerobic Exerciser is helping to straighten out my spine. It has done a great deal to correct a situation I thought was hopeless." ...J

"After going to a chiropractor regularly for three years for back and sciatic pain. T. from Illinois began faithfully using the Aerobic Exerciser for a short period of time. He no longer has to go the chiropractor - instead he just gets on the Aerobic Exerciser and has relief for the remainder of the day." ...T

Broken Back Relieved.......C. has suffered pain for 20 years from a back broken three times, lower back fusion, disk removal with complications, anxiety, and insomnia. The Chi Machine has been a marvelous help for him. He says, “The relaxation derived from the Chi Machine has been phenomenal! Waking up and getting on the machine every morning is the best. I also use it to alleviate pain. The gentle oscillation opens my pinched nerve channels and realigns my body by relaxing cramped muscles. I have less pain, better sleep and a better attitude.” …C.

It Makes Me Feel So Good!....One woman told her sister who had a chronic bad back lasting over a 10-12 year period. She began using the Chi Machine and in a matter of weeks her back was totally healed. She said, “I don’t care if it makes me spin. I don’t care if it takes care of every health problem I have ever had. I want it because it makes me feel so good!” …Unknown

Use Care with Herniated Disks. I have had some people with herniated disks who have benefited greatly with the Aerobic Exerciser. I have had some where their chiropractor said they should be on it for only 30 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes to start with, so a two-minute session was not feasible. One individual had a herniated disk and never was on it for more then 1 1/2 minutes for the first month until it was healed. Then he moved up the time factor. It can't heal without circulation, but the more you hurt, the less you want to move. The less you move, the less circulation you have. ...D

"As I see it, one of the ways in which the Aerobic Exerciser exerts such a strong influence is on the energy field or aura. It relaxes the muscles of the spine and this removes some of the interference from the spinal nerves, and this changes how the entire body functions. As this happens new information is sent out to the field and again , the field changes. We know that things like prayer and meditation can affect the body. They do this by working with the mind. They can lower blood pressure, improve digestion, do all kinds of things that make the body work better. As the body improves, once again, this has an effect on the energy field." ...Dr. J., DC

L. of Colorado, had been searching for years for help with her back pain. She used the Aerobic Exerciser twice a day for two months before she noticed the pain relief in her back. L. did not get immediate relief, but she did enjoy how much the Aerobic Exerciser relaxed her and she received the wonderful "Chi-tingle" when the machine shut off. She also believed in the long-term health benefits for the rest of her body. That's why she stuck in there and was able to realize the dramatic effects it has had on her life. ...L

D. from North Carolina suffered from various problems resulting from a severe whiplash four years earlier and mercury and chemical toxicity. Within one week her neck felt much better and her neck and spine continue to improve and her energy level increased. She felt much stronger and could hike further and higher. ...D

C. reported that the bottoms of her feet were in constant pain. After using the Aerobic Exerciser over a short period of time she began realizing that she was having no more pain. ...C

V. told of her daughter's injured ankle. As a gymnastic teacher, her daughter wasn't able to perform her daily routines. After using the Aerobic Exerciser she reported having more flexibility in her foot. She had previously experienced therapy from several different modalities. ...V

I had a sister who had a bad knee that had been operated on twice. It was paining her for years. She came to my house to visit a few weeks ago. She was on the Aerobic Exerciser for eight minutes and the pain in her knee went away. She said, "I can't believe it, that is the first time the pain has gone away in eight years!" She is very happy to find something to help her. ...L, ND

Artificial knees and hips have reacted wonderfully. We have a number of those people who are having a hard time getting down on the floor, so we just put the Aerobic Exerciser on the bed. When you put it on the bed, you need to be sure to have a flat board underneath it to allow circulation to the motor. If the bed is really soft, you might want to have someone monitor the machine to ensure that is does not vibrate off the bed. People have had miraculous results using it on the bed, because it is a very common thing not to be able to lie down on the floor. We also find that the knee support pillow really works well for anybody with knee replacements or hip replacements. It gives them that added support they need. We had it made the exact height so that it is compatible to the height of the machine and you have the same support to relieve any pressure. I personally use the pillow every single time. ...D

After receiving her Aerobic Exerciser and using it for one week, D., from Colorado found that her three heel spurs were gone after four days. She feels that with good food, good vitamins, essential oils, and good living she is well on her way to another 60 years. ...D

F. from Wisconsin reports that he has been getting physical therapy for his left knee since the doctor prescribed it about two months ago. His Aerobic Exerciser is now helping relieve the pain in his knee - he just wouldn't be without it! ...F

In 1964 I was in a terrible car accident and the second and third vertebrae from the top were broken so all of these years I have had an awful time doing anything above my head, like cleaning ceilings. I used to like to macramé, but I couldn't do that for very long. Since I have been on the Aerobic Exerciser I have scrubbed every ceiling in my house and have no backache. ...R

In 1987 C. was injured in an automobile accident that injured her scapula. She was in constant pain until she started using the Aerobic Exerciser. She has also suffered for years with sciatica and again the Aerobic Exerciser helped this also. After using the Aerobic Exerciser for two months she is a different person. She no longer suffers with backaches or sciatica and is more limber. There were times when she could hardly walk. C. reports feeling better than she has done for years. She uses her machine 10-15 minutes at least twice a day and when she has pain day or night she uses it for a few minutes. ...C

One user was in a car accident five years ago that left her with a constant neck and shoulder pain. After using the Aerobic Exerciser for only two weeks, she felt so much better that she shared it with all her friends, and they all just loved it! She continues feeling better and better each day.
D. reported that he had suffered for years with bursitis. It was always a continual irritation. He had cortisone shots years ago and it would help for a while, but since using the Aerobic Exerciser he has full motion of his shoulder and arm. He can rotate his arm completely, he can lift it over his head and has no pain at all. ...D

Another user reported having suffered with a torn rotor cuff in his shoulder for two years after he collided with a tree while driving his tractor. He used the Aerobic Exerciser for six months and his shoulder was almost totally healed.

Studies now reveal that the action of the Aerobic Exerciser actually triggers cellular memory. We all have 73 trillion cells in our body and when we have a car accident that results in whiplash, that goes into the cellular memory. This machine triggers that memory. The reason for that is because it pumps cerebral spinal fluid. ...C

Cancer Support

Cancer Cannot Live in Presence of Oxygen...The cancer cell is the ‘arch-criminal’ of cancer. Yet it is a common cell, nothing very special until it begins to change from lack of oxygen. We have learned from scientists such as Otto Heinrich Warburg, a two time Nobel Prize winner, who showed that the ‘cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.’ Simply put, cancerous cells cannot live and develop in the presence of oxygen. …O., Nobel Prize Winner

Increased Oxygen Aids Cancer Treatment......I have studied the effect of oxygen therapies for several years and have had reservations with some of the forms of application in expense, side effects, and access for most patients. The Chi Machine eliminates the restrictions of high expense, most toxic side effects, and access to the procedure by increased oxygen intake by the blood and utilization by the tissues. It is helpful for most muscular-skeletal conditions, respiratory conditions, and infections. Any disease condition that responds favorably to increased oxygen in the tissues—including cancer, fibromyalgia, etc.-will be aided with this machine. …Dr. R, DD, ThD, ND

"I had a little problem called melanoma on my back about ten years ago. I got exposed to too much sun as a child. Melanoma is a bad cancer to have. It's very bad. It spreads around and gets in your lymphatics and goes into the bones and then you are dead. Every atom in our body has a certain oscillation and when they are in a normal state they are in between 8-15 hertz which is the same rhythm almost as the alpha state. The alpha state is 7-12, so the Aerobic Exerciser actually helps your body get into a better level or state and can help you with many things. I think it will be shown eventually that it will be a big help to lowering cancer tumors. It has not been proven yet, but I am working on it." ...Dr. S., MD, PC

Circulatory System

Aerobic Exerciser Normalizes Blood Pressure.........A naturopath in Australia who suffered from genetic low blood pressure had tried everything, but after two weeks using the Chi Machine her blood pressure has been normalized. She said, :I have been in the natural therapy business for 30 years and nothing has compared to this machine.” It has equalized both high and low blood pressures. …Dr. J, DC

Helps for Normalizing Blood Pressure.....If you elevate both feet by placing them on the Chi Machine and then let it swing you to the right and to the left in a serpentine manner, and if you do this two or three times a day for one or two months, the blood vessels will regain their elasticity and a low blood pressure condition will gradually disappear. Use the Chi Machine every day and you will have better blood circulation. When patients with high blood pressure use the Chi Machine, the deposited cholesterol begins to break up in five to ten days and after a month or two it will become more and more sparse. The cholesterol finally disintegrates, thus reducing high blood pressure. That is how, without taking medication, blood pressure problems of either type can be improved. If you are taking medicine, the benefits will be even more dramatic. …Unknown

H. had one of his legs stripped of the veins so that they could rebuild an arm that got cut off. The varicose veins he had on one leg were really severe and his other leg looked like the size of a pencil. Within two months of using the Aerobic Exerciser all the veins on the one leg went right back into his leg. He reported that it is now so much better than it was. ...H

G. had a stroke almost two years ago. It was very severe. He could not even move one part of his right side. He could not even feed himself. He gradually started to get better, but he still couldn't cope; and not being able to cope, he could not reason. That is frustrating. We are so used to reasoning things. When the grandchildren came over and started making noise, he started screaming at them instead of thinking, "I need to move myself out of the room." He couldn't reason. It's so hard to have to think for someone totally when we are used to having them think for themselves over 60 years. They got an Aerobic Exerciser last April, and this lat December is the best quality of life they have ever had since they have been married, even before his stroke. His wife remarked, 'I can't thank you enough. This is worth its weight in gold!" Now he can reason and when there is enough serotonin you don't have depression either. And when you don't have depression, life is a whole lot better! ...D

Naturopath Dr. L., writes that the Aerobic Exerciser has been very helpful for cardiac-pulmonary patients who can't exercise. ...Dr. ND

A patient of Dr. S., MD, had congestive heart failure. He put her on a monitor and her oxygen level was at 85. She had to have oxygen continuously-24 hours a day. He put her on the Aerobic Exerciser for five minutes and her oxygen level went up to 95! She felt so wonderful! She could go three days without her oxygen and still have a marvelous amount of energy. The pain that she had was totally eliminated. Pain only comes when there is a lack of circulation or when there is pressure on areas that are blocked. When you move blockages you move out pain. A pain-free healthier life is what we all want to achieve so that we can be the best person possible and our mind can be free to function.

Is the Aerobic Exerciser safe for heart patients? A gentleman stated that he had had two heart valves replaced. Even though he had to be on Coumadin to keep the blood thin, he used the Aerobic Exerciser ever day and hasn't had any problem.

A couple reported that the husband had undergone heart by-pass surgery and also had sugar diabetes. Both husband and wife have been helped with the Aerobic Exerciser.

Digestive System

Mr. L., a reporter for the new York Overseas Chinese Journal, told his personal story, relating how he was on his way home from work when he felt a sharp pain in the abdomen which turned to a violent ache. By the time he reached home, he couldn't stand up. He was pale and covered with sweat. He was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed four days later as having an acute pancreas gland inflammation. The disease was so severe he was limited to a conservative drip infusion. One the tenth day, the terrible pain appeared again and an examination showed there was a 14-centimeter perforation on the gland and fluid had to be drained out by tube. During the treatments, the main tube frequently clogged, causing a fever and exhausting his strength. He took large amounts of penicillin and radiation. By the time he checked out of the hospital nearly two months later, he had lost 60 pounds, was swollen and pale, had no hair on his head, had insomnia, had difficulty breathing, was too weak to walk, had high blood sugar and wad draining 200cc fluid a day into a bag attached at his waist. A pancreatic specialist advised him to "take good care of yourself and you can expect to recover in one year. A month later he began to use the Aerobic Exerciser. In only one week the results were so remarkable that he slept soundly throughout the night. His spirits became noticeably better, his appetite improved, and fluid loss was reduced by half. Three weeks later, tests showed that the anemia was gone and the swelling had completely disappeared. The following month (exactly one month after starting to use the Aerobic Exerciser) L., had color in his face, thick hair on his head, was happy and energetic, and returned to work engaging in the daily activities of a news reporter. Two months later, he successfully removed the fluid tube, eight to nine months earlier than he expected. ..Mr. L

When the body detoxifies, the mind does the same thing. Sometimes I am so busy I don't even know where to start. I have so many phone calls to return and I have meetings to plan, etc. etc. I can get on the Aerobic Exerciser for five minutes and when I get off, I know exactly what I need to do. I know what decisions I must make and can put everything in perspective. It is so wonderful when life is so complicated and you can get it simplified again. What the machine does is give you extra perception. I know that most people are having similar challenges in their lives and to have something that can make your life and other peoples' lives better is wonderful! ...D


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) was defined by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia in 1988. Prior to this, it was felt this was an imaginary ailment because medical researchers could not pin-point a single factor which causes CFS. It is now classified as a syndrome rather than a disease because of this fact. It includes a group of symptoms which occur together and seem to have the same cause. It is an infectious illness which afflicts an estimated 3 million Americans and 90 million people worldwide. The symptoms include deep fatigue unrelieved by sleep; muscle and joint pain or weakness; headache; memory loss, mental confusion and poor concentration; digestive problems; sensitivities; severe exhaustion from minor activity; and depression. In today's world the CFS victim often gets hidden parasites, yeast, and viral infections which are results of a weakened immune system. One infection puts demand on the immune system which can't kick it, and another infection may join in, leading from one to another in a domino effect.

J. described her ailments as headaches, chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety and stress. She began using the Aerobic Exerciser for five to eight minutes three times a day. Her husband noticed a difference in her attitude almost immediately. In about one week she began to notice changes taking place. She had a lighter feeling and an awareness and clarity of thought. Her headaches were healed instantly and she rarely had a return headache (which mainly came through stress.) After using the machine for a short time she was able to wake earlier and achieve much more during the day. She had deeper sleep and noticed a significant change in her well-being. J. also reported that after an operation to remove breast cancer 18 months ago, followed by radiation therapy, her immune system was affected and the muscle pain, chronic fatigue and headaches increased. After many visits to different health professionals and spending a fortune on special diets, supplements and medicines, etc. she is now convinced that the Aerobic Exerciser has alleviated more than half of her problems. She is looking forward to being completely healed in the next few months. ...J

R., MD, is a 72 year-old medical doctor and psychiatrist who used the Aerobic Exerciser for about a week and noted some remarkable improvements. Prior to this, he had availed himself of the usual prescribed medical therapies and medications. He has suffered with chronic fatigue for five years with lack of physical energy where many little daily things were difficult to do. Dr. R. used the machine twice daily and his chronic fatigue disappeared surprisingly after five days and he has no trouble doing things again. He suggests the best thing anyone can do for themselves is to try four treatments and then decide for themselves. ...R. MD

K. from Tennessee reported that she was introduced to the Aerobic Exerciser and was very skeptical of its benefits, but agreed to try it. Within the first week she was convinced that even though it is "passive exercise," getting the oxygen in her body flowing made a noticeable difference in how she felt. She reported that she had more energy and didn't have that sluggish feeling she very often experienced by late afternoon. ...K

Stiffness and Soreness Eliminated....T. says she purchased her Chi Machine in November 1999, shortly after losing her husband to cancer. She was very low on energy. After using her machine for several months she is now back to gardening, mowing the grass, and bike riding. After working outdoors too long she used to get stiff and sore. Now she gets on her Chi Machine for 5-10 minutes and is as good as new". ...T.



I managed my chronic pain
from RSD / CRPS using the SOQI Products.

In 1995 C. was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Her body ached with pain and she slept only two hours without waking. She was completely exhausted and suffered with migraines at least once a week and sometimes two. The headaches lasted from 24 to 48 hours. After using the Chi Machine for two months she is a different person. She now sleeps for five to six hours without waking, has no more migraines. She no longer suffers with backaches or sciatica and is more limber. There were times when she could hardly walk. The bottom of her feet have stopped hurting and she has no more numbness in her left arm and hand. There is less pain from arthritis, less indigestion and better concentration. She has experienced more energy and a feeling of well-being. C. Reports feeling better than she has done for years. She uses her machine for 10-15 minutes at least twice a day and when she has pain day or night she uses it for a few minutes. ...C

J. from Denver was afflicted with fibromyalgia and even though she took a lot of nutritional products she still ached all over. After using the Aerobic Exerciser for three weeks her good days came more frequently and she decided to buy herself a machine. Other ailments began to diminish-her bad days were fewer and less intense, her sleep improved, her neck and shoulders were not nearly so sore or tight. Her massage therapist remarks that her muscle tone has greatly improved. J. loves the machine!

E. from Wisconsin purchased a Aerobic Exerciser because his wife has fibromyalgia, a very painful soreness of bones and muscles. She has used it for three weeks and she is a changed wife. She used to come home from work tired and sore and now she mows the lawn and does the wash. It is fantastic! She is about 70% better and she has more energy. They both feel that the Aerobic Exerciser is the best investment they have ever made for their health and well-being. ...E

Headaches & Migraines

Headache Pain, Back and Shoulder Pain Alleviated...K. from Tennessee reported that following an automobile accident several years ago, she began having a lot of pain and tension in her back, neck, and shoulders. Now after utilizing her Chi Machine, she can get the feeling of a full body massage in just 10-15 minutes and be totally relaxed. Now she uses the Chi Machine morning and evening. She really looks forward to it! It’s like having your own private chiropractor, but a lot less expensive and more convenient! ...K.


A New York Distributor told his wife's complaints with her monthly menstrual periods. That 'time of month' was always accompanied by continual pain and cramping. After she began using the Aerobic Exerciser she had the first relief in years. Her menstruation periods gradually improved and now the periods come and go without pain. ...Dr. D., DDS

A woman bought a Aerobic Exerciser and reported that in three days she got rid of all her hot flashes. She thought that was super!


The Chi Machine has been an exciting thing in the life of J. The quality of her life has been changed so that she is truly in awe. She was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus over ten years ago and has sought to restore her health from all the medical profession has to offer. She was wondering what could be done to help her with her muscle, joint and all-over body pain. She finds the motion of the machine feels similar to an all-over body massage which gives her relief form pain to a point where it is now manageable. She is truly amazed and so joyful for all the aid the machine has given her. J


M. bought her Chi Machine in November and the FIR Dome about two weeks later because she had just been diagnosed with Lyme's Disease. For about a week she used the FIR Dome about three hours per day. She also used the Chi Machine and began to feel better. Her muscles continued improving. She says, "I don't know where I would be without my Chi Machine and my FIR Dome." M

Lymphatic System

I have a lymph system that shuts off, so I was jumping on the mini tramp to activate it. I could only jump three jumps before I was getting sick because it was cleansing the toxins from the liver. When I started the Aerobic Exerciser it really began to detox me, but I loved the movement and the feeling. I don't think I would be moving around without the machine. I knew it the first time I was on it. I wanted more energy, but I have learned to use it for only six minutes at a time and my body is gradually ridding itself of toxins. You can't imagine what the machine has done for my energy! It is phenomenal. Also the toning and tightening is coming. ...B

The Aerobic Exerciser itself is very, very beneficial. It's not only great to bring the brain into an alpha state, but it's also good for the lymphatics. The lymph system is where a lot of our waste products go, so if we can get our lymphatics flowing and get our cells cleaned up, it is a great boom. The lymph system brings it up through a duct in our chest called the thoracic duct. The pump of the body that pumps the lymphatics is the lungs, so deep breathing is very essential. While you are 'chi-ing', take some long deep breaths. It is very good for you. It will actually oscillate you even more. ..Dr. S. MD, PC

J. spoke of her problems with swelling and aching legs. Many times her legs would hurt so much that she would ask her husband to rub them in the middle of the night to see if it would stop the aching. After using the Aerobic Exerciser the pain and swelling went away. Her ankles were also very swollen and blue. This swelling, also, has gone down. No more pain, no more swelling in legs and ankles. ...J

M., Cranial-Sacral Therapist, stated that exercise is one of the greatest ways to move the lymphatics, so by using the Aerobic Exerciser it gets movement going. Movement is the only way to get the lymphatics to really pump good. Exercise and lymphatic drainage help to get it moving.

After a bout with a respiratory condition and then using the Aerobic Exerciser, J. from Colorado began to have no mucous buildup of any kind. This happened when toxins were eliminated quickly from the body as the machine constantly pumps the lymph systems and brings this about. ...J

We have a nephew and his ankles would swell up so badly they would hang over his shoes. We worked with him nutritionally and helped the situation somewhat, but when they got the Aerobic Exerciser it really helped his circulation. It improved him so much that his ankles don't hang over the tops of his shoes. There are a lot of exciting benefits! ...V., Health Therapist

Metabolic Syndromes

D. has suffered with diabetes and neuropathy in his feet and lower part of his legs. It has caused a situation where he has absolutely no feeling in those body parts. He also has no feeling in his hands. This condition has existed for about two years. After using the Aerobic Exerciser for several months he can now feel the tingling sensation in his feet and in his hands that he never could feel before. He is getting a little more motion back into his feet and can move easier. He has noticed a marked difference in improved motion in his hands. He has also had sensations in his toes which has been absent for a long time. ...D

After being diagnosed with diabetes six years ago M. from Pennsylvania found she had very little energy and her circulation was poor. Her feet were always cold and she had to wear socks to bed in all seasons. Since starting to use the Aerobic Exerciser her energy has improved and her circulation is much better. She thanks God for the Aerobic Exerciser and would not be without it. ...M

Moods and Emotions

Serotonin Release Aids Depression...The motion of the Chi Machine releases the serotonin. That is why children are getting off Ritalin and adults are getting off Prozac, because they are not depressed. There’s enough serotonin in the body with what this machine does. The key to the Chi Machine is the undulating motion that will put the user right into a figure-8, which puts the meridians in motions, which puts the chakras turning to the right as they should do. …D.

One user reported that she uses the Aerobic Exerciser as soon as she gets home from work and out of traffic, specifically as a stress buster from these activities, so she is ready to go into the evening relaxed and refreshed. She is a dancer and also uses the machine to realign her back and spine, shake out her legs and feet after classes and rehearsals. She regards it as a beautiful and gentle friend.

P. states that she has been on her Aerobic Exerciser and FIR Dome for three months and is now feeling better and better every day. She finds that she does much better for short periods of time and more often. She has lost weight and her depression is much less.

A. massage therapist, reported that by the first week of using the Aerobic Exerciser she had more energy. depression decreased and she has an over-all feeling of well being. ...A

Nervous System

"Dr. L, Naturopath, writes that the Aerobic Exerciser helps balance the autonomic nervous system and corrects sleep patterns." ...Dr. L, ND

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relieved.......The first time P. used her Chi Machine she was having carpal tunnel pain. Within five minutes the pain left, and did not return. ...P.

Numbness in Hands and Feet Alleviated. One woman reported having bad circulation, involving numbness in her hands and feet for a 30-year period. After continued use of the Aerobic Exerciser that numbness in about 96% gone. Her hands - which were always cold - are back to normal now.
W. reports that his wife has been suffering from edema since a long air flight to China. Her feet and legs have been swollen since that time and would not go down. She got the Aerobic Exerciser and the pain went away. ...W

Getting the System Performing......The number one benefit from the Chi Machine is to the autonomic nervous system. What does this nervous system do? It is comprised of anything in your body that you do automatically. Eyes blink automatically when they are dry; tears come when they need to be washed out; you heart beats without you telling it to; your kidneys go ahead and clean you blood; your liver takes the uric acid out; your bladder empties when it gets full. That is autonomic. That is the biggest benefit of the Chi Machine. In working autonomically, do quadriplegics see a difference? A major difference! Are they cured? No! But if you can be so much more aware of things because that autonomic nerve feeling is coming back, because when you are still at the time, how well does anything work? It gets old and rusty, and so the Chi Machine gets that the whole process moving. To those who are the quadriplegics, the paraplegics, those that have had is just a Godsend. …D.

Aerobic Exerciser to Balance Autonomic Nervous System....Dr. L, Naturopath, writes that the Chi Machine helps balance the autonomic nervous system and corrects sleep patterns." ...Dr. L., ND

One Utah distributor told of his friend's wife who is afflicted with muscular dystrophy. One of her legs is really constricted and she walks with an abnormal gait, which throws her back out. She got on the Aerobic Exerciser for two days and said, "This is the first time in a long while that I can feel tingling about right here in my back!" Three weeks later she reported that the tingling sensation had moved up measurably. She commented that she feels looser, she sleeps better, she feels better. She is doing better. ...D

We have had patients with multiple sclerosis. The Aerobic Exerciser does not cure MS, but one particular person who was totally bed-ridden (or if not in bed has to be in a motorized wheelchair) finds that the use of the machine daily really adds to the quality of her life. ...Dr. J., DC

The husband of a distributor in Florida has multiple sclerosis. She is very much into nutrition and works diligently to help her husband. However, since they have purchased and used the Aerobic Exerciser he has improved dramatically. It is the first time they have found something that has actually helped him.

One young lady who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis has been using the Aerobic Exerciser for one month and she is already getting feeling back.

Dr. J. reported that one of his patients had a very debilitating problem called chronic sympathetic dystrophy. This patient was helped by the Aerobic Exerciser where nothing else could help. There were even thoughts of amputating her limb before this time. Her quality of life has now been improved and some function is now returning, something that no one thought possible. ...Dr. J., DC

A health professional got into this business because his wife had MS. She was in a wheelchair and had been there for 20 years. While in Australia someone told him about the Aerobic Exerciser and the great success they were having with it. They suggested his wife try it - what did they have to lose! He loved his wife so much he would do anything for her-that was the reason he got into health modalities-so they took her out of the wheelchair and onto the bed and onto the machine. She was on for a few minutes and when it was over, she said, "I feel better. I can move easier. I don't hurt as much!" He left Australia, hoping to find a machine in the U.S. that he could purchase for her. After obtaining an Aerobic Exerciser in the U.S., he called on the telephone and said, "Do you know what this thing is doing! It moves the fluid in the spinal cord. I have never found any piece of equipment that could do that! Do you know how important that is?"

E., a former health food store owner, has tried everything in alternative health to assist her husband with Parkinson's Disease. The Aerobic Exerciser has worked better than anything else they have tried.

V. of her friend who had Parkinson's Disease. After her first experience on the Aerobic Exerciser she slept through the night. She got up only two times during the night compared to ten times, as was her usual case. She is very excited! After her friend has used the machine for a week she reported that she doesn't have to wake during the night at all. She can now raise her arm up above her head which she had never been able to do without excruciating pain. ...V

Respiratory System

Best Results Yet! A distributor from South Dakota has all kinds of allergies that seem to be environmental, but she is afflicted all the time. When she learned about the Chi Machine, she sat down and cried. She is now having results she has never seen before. ...Unknown

Chi Machine Stabilized Breathing Patterns......“People with asthma find that their breathing patterns become more stable with the use of the Chi Machine.” …Dr. J., DC

"The most dramatic effects I have yet seen using the Aerobic Exerciser have been my patients with pulmonary dysfunction' e.g. emphysema, alpha-1 anti trypsin, bronchitis, lung infections, and chronic loss of function. They exhibited an increased ability to breathe better after use. This effect generally lasted most of the day. Their ability to perform activities of daily living was significantly improved; energy levels leaped and mental attitude improved." ...M

My husband went to the hospital with pneumonia and his oxygen was up from using the Aerobic Exerciser from 96 to 98, even with pneumonia!


When D. from Colorado received her Aerobic Exerciser she was feeling lousy. She had had eczema for two years. At that time it was on her hands and feet - they were weeping and peeling. In one week of using the machine they were dry and healing and her skin is almost normal. ...D


"Chi Before Going to Bed" Use the Aerobic Exerciser for 15 minutes immediately before going to bed, then go right to bed. Perform your nightly rituals before you get on the machine. Tests reveal this practice takes you in to the Theta Stage, where sleep is wonderful!

"The other morning I couldn't sleep-I couldn't get my brain to shut off -I had a thought come to mind and I was all excited about this and that, so about 3:00 in the morning, that's not the time you want to stay awake! So I got up and got on the Aerobic Exerciser, and went back to bed and slept like a baby. ...B., Massage Therapist

Dr. L., Naturopath, states that the Aerobic Exerciser helps correct sleep patterns and has been very beneficial to those suffering from insomnia. ...Dr. L., ND

B. from Montana told of her mother who suffered with insomnia. After two months she is most impressed that her insomnia is almost gone and she wakes only once or twice per night as opposed to four to five times. The Aerobic Exerciser has been an answer to their prayers. ...B

My husband has sleep apnea. Does anyone know what that is? It's a real pain because they go to sleep on you and you are holding your breath because you think they're not going to breathe. It was getting so it interrupted my sleep as much as his, so I told him to go to the doctor. And he said, "I believe I'll use the Aerobic Exerciser." (He has never used it just before he went to sleep.) Now he uses it for 30 minutes, goes right to bed, and goes to sleep. No sleep apnea. No apparatus on his nose! He feels like a new person!

Urinary System

A doctor was talking about kidney disease. The position he recommends for kidney and bladder disease was with the front of the ankles on the Aerobic Exerciser and the FIR Dome over the back. In company with proper enzymes it will neutralize lactic acid and uric acid just like the Aerobic Exerciser. It also helps reduce the inflammation because it has a resonation that has the same frequency as the human body. ...C

We have you drink an 8-ounce glass of water before you get on the Aerobic Exerciser. Why? Because the first thing it does it go right to the kidneys to detoxify the blood. If you have oxygen in the blood, you have the blood detoxified and you are already a winner. Generally, you will find that the kidneys are the first organ to work when you get off the machine. Some people have to wait 15-20 minutes. Some people get up and go immediately because it massages the kidneys. It also massages the colon, the heart, the liver, the spleen. all organs get massaged. If there are any acids built up around these organs, then the acids will be released, so you monitor the length of time you can be on the Aerobic Exerciser. ...D

Weight Loss / Management

Weight Loss Chi Machine Reviews

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Cellulite Gone!.....D. reports that the cellulite on the backs of her legs has disappeared after several months of using the Chi Machine. Her daughter (a massage therapist who knows her mothers imperfections) exclaimed as they were enjoying themselves in the hot tub, “Mom you have absolutely no cellulite on the backs of your legs!” This may mean that oxygen is going to each and every cell of the body and the oscillating action of the Chi Machine is opening up the lymph nodes and eliminating the cellulite. D. receives many calls every month from people who are saying, “ I lost all the cellulite off my legs!” This is happening from 22 to 55 year-old individuals who are thrilled to have the advantage of losing cellulite just by oxygenation. It is a very simple, non-invasive way. ...D

Vacuuming versus “Chi-ing”......I have another machine in my office that I bought before I heard about the Chi Machine and it is like a big vacuum cleaner. You stick it on the body and you suck that fat by moving it up through the lymphatics. It reduces the fat and the cellulite in the parts of the body where you don’t want it. It is very expensive. The machine cost us $13,000! It costs $400 to get ten treatments. I would rather buy a Chi Machine and get the energy, plus the cellulite off! …Dr. S., MD, PC

W. is down 12 pounds from when he started using the Aerobic Exerciser. He has been over-weight consistently for a lot of years and it is nice to be going down a little. ...W

One woman reported that after two weeks use of the Aerobic Exerciser she checked in the mirror and was surprised to see her body looked much more toned. Two months later she checked again and was excited to see that her body had reverted back to the way it was in her 20's. She was nearly age 52! Another user reported she was very surprised to find out that she lost 12 pounds in just four weeks.

A distributor from Rawlins WY reported, "I have only had the machine for three months and I have lost nine pounds and 5 1/2 inches!"

I have found that most clients will use the Aerobic Exerciser on a regular basis. It provides them with aerobic conditioning with no impact or trauma damage to the joints or stress to the heart and circulatory vessels. This provides a toning of all muscles, a rise in metabolism, facilitating weight loss, and a reshaping of the body. I have increased my efficiency at work by 30% and reduced my need for sleep to about six hours from resting on the machine only 15 minutes every other day. I have also had several growths drop off my body with no return. One of these growths has been there 40 years!. ...Dr. R., DD, ThD, ND

"It sounds too good to be true, but the Aerobic Exerciser has actually diminished the cellulite in my 75 year-old mother's thighs!" ...C

My wife has lost a tremendous amount of weight. The machine has completely toned her stomach and given her lots of energy. Her varicose veins are disappearing and so are her aches and pains. My asthma has been helped significantly. I have not had to use my inhaler at all. ...L

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