Nervous System Balance

Nervous System BalanceHow is your Nervous System?

Are you calm, relaxed, focused and energetic?
or Do you feel stressed, anxious, irritable or depressed?

How are you coping with life’s demands? Are you able to approach the challenges of life with a calm, focused energy? Or is your life filled with agitation, tension, irritability, anxiety or depression?

There are important questions because in the rush of modern life, your nervous system gets heavily taxed. Concerns about work, finances, family problems or even the state of the world can cause stress, and depending on the health and balance of your nervous system, you are either coping with these situations smoothly or struggling with them.

Is it possible to experience a greater sense of balance in your life, to feel both relaxed and energized. You can actively meet life’s challenges with energy and excitement, but without experiencing tension or anxiety. The key is to create a healthy balance in your system and the information you will earn in this month’s Sunshine Sharing can help you to do just that. Supplements to support the nervous system include Nutri-Calm, Super Omega – 3’s, and Magneiusm. Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender essential oils are calming for the nervous system. Other supplements include Stress-J, Stress Relief, Energ-V, and Solstic Energy. If you are interested in these products, shop our NSP Website.