The Energy Wand

Energy Wand

Actual Dimensions 12" Tall with the Wand being 11/2" Wide.

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What is the Energy Wand

The Energy Wand was developed to be used with the E-Power Machine as an alternative way to stimulate the meridians of the body. The vital "Chi" energy flows along the meridians in our body. It is believed that anything that disrupts the flow of "Chi" can cause illness. The Energy Wand by itself does not perform any specific function yet it works in conjunction with the E-Power machine and acts as a conductor of the E-Power's Negative Ions or Potential Energy assisting the body in opening up the "Chi" pathways.

When using the Energy Wand, evenly glide the wand against your skin along the meridians following the directional arrows in the slide show below. Make sure all 5 points of the wand are contacting your skin and make sure you are not applying to much pressure to your skin with the wand.

The Energy Wand can also be used similarly to the indicator pen. It especially works well at targeting sore or inflamed muscles or areas on the body you want to promote circulation. I use the Energy Wand with its perfect duo Bianca Body Profile when targeting these sore or throbbing areas. Since the Energy Wand makes contact with 5 points instead of one, it is much more powerful and efficient at transmitting the E-Power's Energy. Due to this, please make sure that you do not use the Energy Wand on the face or head.

Why Maintaining a Good Energy Flow is Important

The organs in our body carry out very important functions. They regulate everything from the simplest to most complicated functions of the body. A good and balanced energy in the meridians associated with our organs promotes continuous and healthy performance.

Using the Energy Wand

The Cable of the Energy Wand is designed to make contact with the ground and not on any metal surface. The Energy Wand by itself does not perform any specific function. Even though the Energy Wand is used with the E-Power Machine, it does not plug into the E-Power Machine and is not to be connected to any other power source.

The Energy Wand is Safe and Easy to Use! Just make sure to follow the instructions for the E-Power and to make sure you remove any metal accessories like your jewelry, cell phones, and iPod.


Do not use this product under the following conditions:

  • Your healthcare provider thinks this product is not suitable for you.
  • If you suffer from a disease that has not been clearly diagnosed.
  • People under medical treatment and have not fully recovered.
  • People who recently underwent a surgery.
  • People who have an open wound that has not healed or an unusual skin condition.
  • Infants or very young children, people incapable of moving or unconscious.
  • Pregnant women and women in menstrual period.
  • Have any electric or battery operated device installed (example pacemakers).
  • If this product causes discomfort or fever.

No adverse effects have been reported using the Energy Wand. If you have any concerns, we suggest that you consult with your healthcare provider before using the E-Power and The Energy Wand.

Detailed Slide Show of Energy Wand

Below is a link to a slide show showing illustrations of using the Energy Wand in conjunction with the meridians of the body. Remember the Energy Wand is to be used in combination with the E-Power Machine. Glide the Energy Wand along the meridian path in the direction of the arrows, do not go back and forth. Also, when softly tapping the wand at each acupressure point, the wand remains in contact with your skin, tap the back of the wand, wait 2 seconds and tap again.

Energy Wand On Sale!

USA - $69.95 Add to Cart      CAN - $89.00 Add to Cart