RSD Paula Abdul’s Interview with Dr. Oz

What a great interview! The best part of the interview for me was being able to finally see after all these years Paula come to terms and talk about her journey and admitting she should have probably talked about it earlier. Those of us with RSD have been guilty of the same thing. We all get tired of explaining what RSD is or talking about it all the time. I often think sometimes we ourselves do not want to admit something is wrong. You can’t change something or understand something you do not want to admit. Paula has been ridiculed for years due to her RSD and it was nice to see her take a look back through time at some video clips and being able to understand how people could have said the horrible things they did. No one fully understood what she was going through. I remember a few years ago when Paula was on American Idol, I had turned on my local radio station and they were making fun of her because of something she had done on the show the night before.  I was outraged and contacted the radio station that morning and told them I was ashamed of how they acted and that I also had RSD and as a radio station they should not be making fun of people who are sick!

Dr. Oz also did a great job on explaining what RSD is and used a visual example which is definitely worth watching if you can find it.

I have had RSD since 1994 and I agree with Paula that with dietary changes, supplements, exercise and managing your stress you can regain your health. Our bodies are amazing! I have done many similar dietary changes, take supplements, and use wellness products like the Chi Machine as part of my daily routine. I too also turned 50 and being a woman fully understand how hard it has become to age gracefully. Paula I am glad you have never been healthier and you feel good!  You look great and I am happy for you!

Remember diagnosing RSD (aka CRPS) is difficult, remember to continue to spread awareness.