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Earthing and Grounding
and Electro Magnetic Fields

Earthing Basics

I think before we begin explaining what earthing and/or grounding and electro magnetic fields are in relationship to our health, we need to discuss what grounding means in relationship to electricity. In electricity, grounding refers to the removal of excess electrical charges. An object can have an excess of positive charges referred to as protons or negative charges referred to as electrons. When the object has these excess charges removed or transferred into another object, it is referred to as the process of grounding. The object that acts as the transferor of these electrons and has the ability to give or receive electrons is known as a ground.

Earthing Grounding Electro Magnetic Fields

Electrical Charges

It is very simple to transfer an electrical charge. All you have to do to transfer electrical charges is merely touch an object and become the "ground". These excess charges move easily because like charges repel each other. When you touch the object with excess negative charges or electrons the electrons transfer to you and spread out throughout your body. When you touch an object with excess protons or positive charges the object that is touched takes negative charges from you. All objects strive to keep a balance of protons and electrons throughout their space at all times giving them a neutral charge.

When an object has excess negative charges or electrons, the object acting as the ground, takes the excess electrons and it is said that the excess charges have been removed. When an object has excess positive charges or protons, the object acting as the ground must gain electrons. Since we are usually excess in positive charges due to our surroundings, when we stand on the ground barefoot we are contacting the earth and will gain the excess negative charges from it, this is referred to as sharing.

The Earth's Charge

We once thought the earth had a neutral charge but it was discovered that the earth has an abundance of negative charges or electrons making it the perfect ground for all things that come in contact with it. Our homes also have a grounding system to avoid static electricity from occurring. Those three prong outlets in your house, contain a grounding prong which is attached to a rod in the ground located usually outside your house.

What is an EMF?

An electro magnetic field is a term used to describe the area of energy that surrounds an electrical device. These devices would include computers, televisions, computer monitors, power lines, cell phones, radio, microwaves, to name a few. Electro magnetic frequency is a term used to describe the range in which the electro magnetic field is in. It is important to understand that the electrical devices that surround us have an abundance of positive electrical charges and perform in a frequency that is not normal to the frequency our body's function best in.

How Earthing and Grounding and EMF's relate to our health

Simply put, the debate continues on how or if there is danger with EMF Exposure. What we do know is that grounding or earthing and electro magnetic protection products are all about keeping the body's energy fields and electrical charges balanced. Earthing and/or grounding is a term that originated in Europe and is used to describe exactly what it is, grounding. You can ground yourself by walking barefoot in the grass, visiting the beach, or sleeping outdoors. You can also purchase grounding sheets or mats or use a device like the E-Power that emits negative charges for your body to absorb balancing out the positive ones. Remember, when you touch an object that has excess negative electrical charges you absorb these charges.

Earsthing and Grounding Electro Magnetic Fields

EMF Sensitivity

Living in a world surrounded with varying types of electrical devices has also brought a new term to health care known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity. Some symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity are mild to severe headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, joint and muscle pain, and difficulty breathing. There are also products on the market like the Q-Link that help keep your body's energy field balanced. Some research has been done on grounding and EMF's in regard to our health and has shown that our nervous systems seem calmer, our blood flows better, and our body appears to be less stressed when we have balanced electrical charges and fields.

So next time you are outside, go barefoot or sit by a waterfall or the ocean if you are lucky to have one close by and ground yourself to the earth's excess negative charges. It is one of the simplest and healthiest things we can do for ourselves. Also, if you are worried about being around all the EMF's in today's electronic world, check into wearing a Q-Link to keep your body's energy field balanced. I am sitting here and as I finish typing up this newsletter, I am wearing my Q-Link and remember the time I found earthing or grounding and EMF's to seem somewhat questionable.

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