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How to Treat and Prevent Bug Bites

Whether you are at the park with pals or in your backyard lounging solo, they are there. They land swiftly on the rim of your glass, buzzing and finally biting, leaving you itching hours, even days later. If you feel as though you can’t enjoy the outdoors because of mosquitoes or other summer insects, it’s time to take action. Citronella for Mosquito Bite Prevention Preventing bugs bites can be an expensive endeavor, although it doesn’t […]


Flaxseed for Better Health

Those who have explored the many benefits and uses of flaxseed consider it a super food. A warm, nutty flavored seed that is rich in alpha linolenic acid, flaxseed is an exceptional source of healthy fats and nutrients. Sprinkling these seeds on cereal, baked goods or yogurt yields countless health benefits, including reduced cholesterol levels, inflammation and hot flashes. Flaxseed oil or capsules are another great option, and a concentrated source of fiber, protein and […]

Does Bonnie Pruden’s Trigger Point Therapy Help for RSD / CRPS

Trigger point therapy, which was developed by Bonnie Prudden, a myotherapist, uses no drugs. If you have experienced unwanted side effects or severe reactions to pain medications or opioid medications, a drug-free pain relief option may be better for you. As you consider trigger point therapy, remember that your doctor should refer you to a Bonnie Prudden-trained myotherapist and you should prepare yourself for more than one session of this therapy. What is Trigger Point […]