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Natural Remedies

Natural remedies can complement traditional medicine and support overall health and well-being. If you aren’t familiar with them you are going to find the topic interesting.

Some of the natural remedies discussed include herbal teas, herbal supplements, nutritional supplements, and mind-body practices like meditation.

We also discuss many common ailments and how to support your various body systems like your immune system or circulatory system. We are what we eat, drink and think!

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Heart Health – What your Heart Does and How to Keep it Healthy

How our Heart Works Our heart is amazing and that is why heart health is super important! Your heart is one of our most important and strongest muscles that has the responsibility of pumping blood throughout our body. it is amazing to think that a healthy heart is no bigger than the size of our fist when it is clenched and usually weighs no more than 12 ounces. Our heart has two sides and 4 […]

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Lobelia | The Intelligent Herb

The Amazing Healing Powers of  Lobelia Lobelia is it a panacea? The term panacea refers to a single remedy that fixes a host of problems or cures all diseases. The word’s roots lie in the Greek word panakes (pan meaning “all” and akos meaning “remedy”). So, if there was such a thing as a panacea in the plant kingdom, it would be an herb that would cure every disease. While no such herb exists. There […]


Attention Deficit Disorder | ADD / ADHD | Natural Remedies

ADD and ADHD are slightly different acronyms describing almost the same condition: Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Although the disorder ADD or ADHD is comprised of a variety of behavioral symptoms, some may appear more prominently than others. For this reason, experts have broken down the condition into three subtypes, which describe the condition’s foremost signs. Types and Definitions Predominantly Inattentive – Attention Deficit Disorder Difficulty staying focused and on task Procrastinating, […]

athletes foot

Athlete’s Foot and Natural Remedies

Athlete’s foot is one of the most common types of fungal infections, according to the Mayo Clinic. This infection is widespread among athletes because they often wear damp socks and walk barefoot in locker rooms or other public places where the contagious infection lurks. Nevertheless, athletes are not the only ones who can acquire athlete’s foot. People with weakened immune systems or poor hygiene are also susceptible. Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot Athlete’s foot brings with […]

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Acne and Natural Remedies

What is Acne? According to the Mariam Webster Dictionary, “it is a disorder of the skin caused by the inflammation of the skin glands, hair and hair follicles and is largely found in adolescents.” It is hard to believe but acne affects nearly 17 million people and is considered to be an inflammatory skin disorder that is most commonly treated. You, like myself, at one point during your life probably dealt with acne concerns. Blackheads, […]