How to Choose High-Quality Supplements for Health

supplementsApproximately seven in 10 Americans use some type of supplement to achieve greater health or improve some aspect of their appearance, says “Fitness” magazine. Not all supplements are created equal; so many people may be wasting their money or worse, harming their bodies. The following are some tips to help you choose high-quality supplements for health.

Where to Buy High-Quality Supplements

Although the Internet can be a valuable research tool, it can also be a place where scheming and fraud abounds. In your search for high-quality supplements, you might be tempted to purchase products that are cheap or sold overseas. Neither is a good idea, however. In many cases, you get what you pay for; meaning a cheap supplement likely contains poor-quality ingredients. Shop instead at reputable Websites, health stores, or purchase products approved by a trusted health care professional or adviser. Wherever you shop, always buy products from a reputable manufacturer.

Choosing a Brand

With so many supplements spanning the shelves, it might be difficult to choose a brand. It’s best to buy from a long-standing company, one that has had a chance to prove its brand, like Nature’s Sunshine Products. Newer and less popular brands may sell diluted herbs, made from cheap herbal extracts. Supplements might also contain contaminants and drugs not listed on the label, which can interfere with medications and have a dangerous outcome.

Selecting Your Supplements

Finding the best supplements is about finding quality products that are most suitable for you. As you age, your body changes, as do your health and nutritional needs. Older adults who use multiple medications and have chronic health conditions are at greater risk for nutrient drug interactions and toxicity while using supplements. And those who consume fortified foods, such as breakfast cereals, may be taking in too much folic acid if they also use a supplement. Menopausal women might fare better with a supplement geared for that stage of life. Those who desire to lose weight might choose a supplement with green tea extracts or other stimulant herbs. When selecting a high-quality supplement, consider your health needs as well as your health goals. You may want to try Nature’s Sunshine Health Analyzer in helping you to select which supplements maybe suited for you.

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