The Magic of Mushrooms | Immune Support

medicinal mushrooms immune system supportThe Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

Cancer and autoimmune diseases are common in modern society. People’s immune systems are under a great deal of of stress from exposure to chemicals and the fast pace of modern life. Therefore, keeping your immune system healthy is essential to reduce your risk of these serious health problems. Learn how medicinal mushrooms can help.

Fortunately, there are allies in the fungal kingdom that can help keep your immune system in top condition. Mushrooms are commonly thought of as just food, bu scientific research has shown that over 270 species of fungi have medicinal value. This goes along with historical tradition of using mushrooms in herbal medicine, most notably in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Medicinal mushrooms have many healing properties, but they are especially helpful for the immune system. They can stimulate the immune system to help fight infections and cancer. Some can also modulate the immune system to reduce excess immune activity in autoimmune disorders. Some are hepatoprotective, which means they protect the liver (and other organs) from damage form environmental toxins.

The adaptogenic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of medicinal mushrooms also make them great for promoting overall health. Mushrooms can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol to benefit the heart and circulations, which means they can help prevent the number one killer disease in modern society, heart disease. Learn more about the benefits of mushrooms and how they can improve your health with this month’s Sunshine Sharing. To lean more about a blend of six mushrooms, which I took this winter when battling pneumonia, check out MyImmune Defense. This blend supports the immune system, physical endurance, helps with fatigue, and is a wonderful antioxidant that provides naturally occurring Vitamin D.

Support your Overall Health and Immune System

Especially today with all of the health concerns, high rate of chronic pain, inflammation and autoimmune diseases maintaining a healthy immune system couldn’t be more important. Below are a list of things you can do to promote overall health as well as a healthy immune system.

  • Eat Whole Foods. Whole foods include vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, lean meats, fish, chicken, turkey and whole grains.
  • Eat 5 servings of healthy fats per day. Food sources of Omega 3’s include fish, nuts, flax, hemp and chia seeds.
  • Make sure to use healthy cooking oils (coconut and olive oil are two of them).
  • Maintain a healthy gut by eating fermented foods including yogurt with probiotics.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep is important for our health because our body conducts house keeping when we sleep.
  • Manage your stress with exercise, talk therapy, singing, dancing or whatever it takes. Stress weakens our immune system as well as our overall health.
  • Use the Chi Machine daily to promote movement of the circulatory and lymph system as well as allowing you time to breathe deep and relax.
  • Join our 7 Day FREE Healthy Habit Challenge to help keep you on track. Our programs focuses on promoting overall health and reducing pain and inflammation.

healthy habits

Current Events

We are definitely living in a unique time and are currently facing a pandemic. If you are like me, I have never experienced anything quite like it. I have only read about the previous pandemics like the 1918 Flu. If I said I wasn’t uneasy, I would not be telling you the truth. Every time you turn on the news the grimness of it seems to grow deeper and somewhat more scary. None of us know what is going to happen. All we can do is to abide by the stay at home orders to lessen the demand on our health care systems so those who may need help can get it. I know many of you, like myself are worried for your parents or friends who are already dealing with health issues. All I can do is continue to have faith and pray that we will get through it. We will come out the other side, stronger, smarter and much more appreciative of the things that we have and hold most dear in our hearts.

lift your hands and pray

I also want to thank each of you for allowing me to share my passion with you. Sharing wellness and promoting health has been one of the biggest blessings I have received during my life and your support has meant allot to me.

Please join me with your continued faith, hope, love and prayer for our nation, our fellow man, and the all those around the globe. Remember, that we are all in this together as we go forward with somewhat of an uneasiness.