Inflammation the Underlying Cause of Many Health Concerns

chronic inflammation

While there are numerous chronic ailments and a variety of aches and pains you might suffer from, all of them have one thing in common – they all begin with inflammation. This does not mean that inflammation is a bad thing. It is the normal response of the body to any kind of tissue damage. Whenever tissuss are injured, biochemical messengers are released that initiate an inflammation repsonse. This response activates the immune system to check the injured area for invading microbes. It also sequesters the damaged area to slow the spread of any toxins introduced via the injury and triggers pain to alert you of the problem.

Once infection is contained and toxins are neutralized, a new set of biochemical messengers are released. These messengers turn off the inflammatory response and begin the process of healing. When  this doesn’t happen, inflammation starts to become chronic and that’s not good.

In cases of chronic inflammation, what was intended as a mechanism to slow the spread of irritants and control infection now becomes an impairment to normal tissue function. it inhibits circulation, depriving the affected tissues of vital oxygen, nutrients, and waste removal. The chronically activated immune system can also begin damaging otherwise healthy tissues. This can lead to autoimmune reactions and degenerative disease. Furthermore, the sharp pain associated with acute inflammation, which informs you that you have been injured now becomes dull aches and constant discomfort.

Understanding Chronic Inflammation

It’s important to understand that chronic inflammation is the foundation for all chronic and degernative diseases. So in this issue of Sunshine Sharing, we’ll be discussing why inflammation becomes chronic. Also what can be done to halt the inflammatory process and start the healing process. This weill help you see how all diseasea are interrelated, having the same basic causes and the same basic cures. When you recognize this, you’ll understnad that halting chronic inflammation and promoting tissue healing and repair is essential to recovering from all chronic and degernative health problems. This issues discusses the central role of inflammation in disease, how to treat acute inflammation and the causes of chronic inflammation.

Three Steps to Reversing Chronic Inflammation

  • Detoxify your bowel as well as supporting your liver.
  • Remove the Source of Irritants such as junk food, smoking, excessive alcohol, toxic cleaning and personal care products.
  • Eat Foods and take supplements to help reduce inflammation and focus on establishing a clean diet.

This is one of the most important newsletters we are sharing. I did this exact protocol during my recovery to manage my chronic pain from RSD / CRPS which is why I put my 8 steps back to health together in a 13-Week Healthy Habits Challenge Program. It is basic, but that’s really all you need. Remember to check out my favorite products to assist you on your journey.