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Negative Ions

Minehaha Water Falls - Negative Ions

Minehaha Water Falls

I always say mother nature gives us so many gifts and Negative Ions are one of them! If you have ever gotten that uplifted feeling when you are outdoors, it very well could be the Negative Ions you are experiencing. Areas having high Negative ions include:

  • The Beach
  • Water Falls
  • The Woods
  • After a Lightening Storm

All of our favorite places to relax and unwind!

What are Negative Ions and Positive Ions

Everything is made up of atoms or molecules (a group of atoms) and atoms contain protons or electrons. Protons are positively (+) charged and electrons are negatively (-) charged. Electrons can move about and often move from one atom to another. For example: Atoms that gain electrons become net negative or an anion (Greek word for Up). Atoms that lose electrons become net positive or a cation (Greek For Down). Atoms like everything else, try to maintain a balance of positive and negative charges.

You are probably wondering "What does all this mean or matter". Well, in high pollution areas, or on the inside of buildings or non-natural lighted areas, there is a greater level of cations or a higher positive charge; meaning that the atoms in that area are lacking in electrons. When you have a highly positively charged area, the environment is trying to gain or take electrons to maintain its balance. Atoms are not particular, they try to take the electrons they need from whomever or whatever is within their environment. Maybe that is why some people tend to feel down, tired or sluggish in positively charged areas.

On the contrary, when you visit the woods, the beaches, or areas of awesome waterfalls (my favorite). The area is packed full of anions, or have a higher negative charge; meaning that their is an abundance of electrons ready to recharge whomever or whatever is in their environment. In other words, the electrons are being given away, recharging you. Some research has actually be done using negative ion generators in office's and the research showed a possible elevation in mood in areas with high negative ions. I am sure that is why many people use negative ion generators in their offices and home, so they can feel better.

Negative Ion Benefits - The Research

Speaking of research, I ran across an article that compiled much of the scientific evidence together to form a hypothesis about negative and positive ions and their effects on people. Many of the studies seemed inconsistent. Some of the studies showed benefit and others did not. For me, it wasn't enough to be swayed one way or the other, especially with the limited groups of people the studies used. The studies looked at several of the following areas:

  • Mood
  • Anxiety Levels
  • Sleep and Relaxation
  • Personal Comfort Levels
  • Depression

The reviews pertaining to mood and anxiety levels showed when positive ions or charges increased and negative ions or charges decreased anxiety increased and one's mood decreased. For relaxation and sleep, many of the studies showed a more relaxed state and improved sleep with exposure to higher concentrations of negative ions or charges. Studies pertaining to one's comfort level showed a higher feeling of comfort and feeling less stuffy or unpleasant when exposed to negative charges or ions. The studies showing the least amount of inconsistency pertained to depression. Higher negative ions or charges showed a decrease in depression. The conclusions of these studies and article warrant further study, especially since the study was partially funded by a grant from an electric transmission facility.

With or without the studies, one who has experienced mother nature's negative ions can't argue the fact in how good we sleep, how relaxed we feel, and how happy we become! Maybe that is why our E-Power Machine with its negative potential energy and the Aqua Chi Foot Bath with its negative ionic charge to the water, has been found to be so beneficial for promoting an overall feeling of well-being. I have used both products and find both of them energizing, to help with pain and inflammation and promote balance.

We wanted to share our Waterfall Video with you. I know this isn't the same thing as being there and experiencing all those negative ions. However, we hope you enjoy the sounds and views we recorded from the many waterfalls we visited this summer throughout upper Michigan. They were beautiful and very relaxing.

Please visit YouTube amd watch our video on the Benefits of the E-Power Machine.

Written by Mara Gerke, CA, CNHP, All Rights Reserved.